Exploring Faith & Spirituality in Star Wars

The mysticism of Star Wars is perhaps one of its most heralded themes - and it also parallels the ‘real world’ in a great many ways. In designing the concept of the Force, George Lucas borrows bits and pieces from a variety of very-Earthly faiths, and religious beliefs.

The team continues our macro series this week also, by taking a closer look – and sharing personal journeys – about faith and spirituality! You won’t want to miss this episode! Listen to the full conversation here, and weigh-in with your own thoughts in the Comments!

Also on this week’s episode, we talk about all the latest goings-on in our favorite galaxy far far away! From a Marvel prequel mini-series comic coming for Jedi: Fallen Order, new vintage games debuting shortly (exciting!) and Alphabet Squadron pilots back stories to episode IX being edited on the fly, it was a good week for the Star Wars newsroom!

News Stories For the Week:

Closer Look: Exploring Macros Themes: Faith & Spirituality In Star Wars

How might the theme of FAITH & SPIRITUALITY be portrayed in Episode IX?

  • Let’s first talk a little bit about the definition of “theme”

    • Faith vs. religion vs. spirituality

  • Let’s talk a bit about FAITH & SPIRITUALITY  - beyond Star Wars - what makes this so compelling?

    • To what extent is FAITH & SPIRITUALITY    based on POV?

  • Regarding Star Wars so far…

    • What are some of the most compelling examples of FAITH & SPIRITUALITY  within Star Wars?

    • Why is this compelling?

      • How does this particular instance of FAITH & SPIRITUALITY  impact the saga as a whole? How might the saga be different without this instance?

  • Where might we see this theme play out in Episode IX?

    • How might this impact the ST storyline?

    • How might this impact all of the films to this point?