Imperial Super Commandos: Rebels Season 3, Episode 7 Review


Imperial Super Commandos: Rebels Season 3, Episode 7 Review

Sabine, Ezra, Chopper, and Fenn Rau are sent to investigate the loss of communication with Concord Dawn. The mission not only highlights the rift in the team, it also exposes the dissension among the Mandalorians themselves. Can mistrust and desire for revenge actually help the Rebellion gain a new ally?

What Worked?

The best thing about this episode is that the title doesn’t appear to be a comment on the Mandalorians underwear situation. I will discuss how cool their uniforms are later, but right now all I can say is they look uncomfortable if they are truly flying “super commando.”

All kidding aside, the armor of the Mandalorians working for the Empire looks very imposing and formidable. After the colorful armor we have seen from Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and especially Sabine, the crisp white design is very striking. The addition of red markings on the armor of their leader, Gar Saxon, Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore, makes him look very intimidating.

On a similar note, the ship of the Mandalorians is also most impressive. This is remarkable because it is of little to no importance to the episode. It just is another example of how the makers of the show pay close attention to every detail.

My next point will seem to be contradicted in the “What Didn’t Work” section, but I liked seeing Ezra trying to use his wits to stall for time and escape his captors. It showed that although he is young, he can stay calm in a tight situation. His answers to questions during interrogation are also amusing, as he invokes the names of scoundrels well known to the audience.

The Best Part

The best part of the episode is the action. This is why we watch science fiction; jet packs and blasters. The episode culminates in a chase with all participants flying through a canyon. The action is well choreographed. I have mentioned in a previous review how cinematic the animation is, and this sequence is the same. The angles and movement of the audience’s point of view makes you feel like you are flying along the canyon and are part of the action.

What Didn’t Work?

I didn’t like how inept Ezra seemed most of the episode. I mentioned earlier how I liked how he was calm when captured, what I didn’t like was the circumstances of his capture. Early in the episode, a quiet Fenn Rau is intimidating Ezra just by remaining silent. This leads to one bad moment for Ezra. Later, as the Supercommados chase our heroes, Ezra takes a ridiculous shot at their leader. He then actually slips for no apparent reason as he is pursued.

The best explanation is that he intentionally missed with his blaster just to cause a distraction and then waited for Sabine and Rau to rescue him. However, the explanation doesn’t make sense, especially when you consider his next shot almost connected and his previous times taking lives in battle.


The episode was a good adventure. It gave us a little more understanding of the mysterious Mandalorians. Sometimes it is good to take the Force out of the equation and let warriors battle it out. As crucial as Jedi and Sith are to the ultimate outcome of the war, neither side could win without its foot soldiers.

4 Death Stars out of 5.