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Book Review - Thrawn: Alliances

Many years ago, when I was working my first job at a pizza restaurant, one of my duties was to place door hangers door to door throughout various nearby neighborhoods to advertise our company. For the most part the experience was not memorable at all. Place coupon on door. Move to next house. Avoid animals, humans, and “no soliciting” signs. Rinse and repeat.

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The Princess Diarist & Episode IX

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement mixed with all sorts of other emotions at the news of the cast announcement for Episode IX of Star Wars.  The death of Carrie Fisher a year and a half ago hit me more than the news of any celebrity death before; it came at a time when we as Star Wars fans were getting to experience more of the Carrie Fisher we know and love as she reprised her role as Princess Leia.  

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