A Princess on Lothal: Rebels Season 2 Episode 10 Review


Princess of Lothal Princess Leia is the one character of the “Big Three” that makes sense being on the show Rebels. She is active in the Rebellion and is a member of the Imperial Senate prior to the events of the original Star Wars movie. So it is a no-brainer that Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan would make an appearance in the aptly titled episode “A Princess on Lothal.”

Is it any good? Let’s take a look.

The story centers around a 15 or 16 year old Leia bringing much needed star cruisers for the fledgling Rebellion. The catch is that she has to make it look like the Rebellion has stolen the cruisers from her (and Alderaan), otherwise she will expose her planet’s support of the Rebel Alliance.

What Works?

I enjoyed the voice work of done by Julie Dolan. Carrie Fisher’s A New Hope voice is hard to do and she did wonderful work bringing off the spunk and regality of the iconic character. Leia has to do some political maneuvering with the imperial officer and it was fun to watch her do so. She is not at the height of her powers that we see in the Original Trilogy, and it makes sense and works. Leia is still learning and that is a good place for her to be in the Star Wars timeline.

Another thing that works in this episode is the depiction of Ezra’s mental state. Sometimes, TV shows for this age bracket don’t show the mental repercussions that results from loss. Ezra is shown to be still struggling with what has happened to his parents and I think that this it is a good decision to show those struggles.

Kanan taking on an AT-AT with his lightsaber was a nice moment. I love Kanan and I hope to see some episodes featuring him in the future.

What Doesn’t Work?

While it was great to see Princess Leia, the episode made me feel like I was still waiting for something bigger and better. There are so many questions that I want answered and characters that I want to see (I bet there are some fans that feel the same way), that I felt like I was watching a filler episode. With that said the quality of the episode is not bad. The story has some nice moments and I enjoyed seeing Kanan and Ezra together in action. But let's be honest, we want Ahsoka, we want Vader, and we want what we saw in the most recent trailer.

Lets hope it is coming soon.


3-5 Death Stars




3 ½ Death Stars out of 5