Anticipation For Celebration


It’s 2017 and I’m in my dorm, my eyes are glued to the laptop humming on my desk. I have two main objectives, catch the 40th Anniversary panel and get any information that I can about The Last Jedi. It was the first time I’d paid attention to Celebration, in fact, it was the first time that I’d heard of it.

Fast forward to the end of the festivities. I am satiated by Star Wars news, but there is a new hunger in me. I want to attend Celebration. Immediately I look at other location venues. California, Germany, Florida all pop into my feed. As a Midwestern girl, I feel deflated. I couldn’t possibly make it to any of those locations. Still, I am hopeful.

It’s 2018 and I’m working at a summer camp. The internet reception is horrible, and I’m crouching by my car willing my data plan to work. It has been announced that 2019’s Celebration is coming to Chicago, this I can do. It’s as if the Force willed it.

The members of the camp stare at me incredulously as I ready my payment for my tickets. I must have been a sight, tensely eyeing my phone screen in order to secure my dream. Star Wars Celebration Chicago is fast approaching, and I can’t help but feel excited to attend. I’ve read as many advice blogs as possible in preparation for the event.

Not only is this my first Celebration, but it’s also my first convention. Like most, I’m glued to the Celebration website taking in announcements about guests and panels. The Podcast stage will feature amazing creators/fans like Fangirls Going Rogue, Skytalkers, and of course Unmistakably Star Wars to name a few. Of course, I’m looking forward to any panels about Episode IX, and most recently I’ve been excited for the #SWREPMATTERSpanel. Even more than that, I’m excited to meet my Twitter friends and I’m excited to be surrounded by Star Wars.

It’s 2019 I’m in my home anticipating Celebration. One of the biggest events in Star Wars is forty-one days away and I can’t wait. For more information about Unmistakably Star Wars follow the podcast’s Twitter. For more information about  Star Wars Celebration check out their website!


UPDATE 4/30: For those intimidated or overwhelmed with attending a Con for the first time, checkout this article by Million Mile Secrets! The article gives a great overview of planning for San Diego Comic Con, and beyond!