Blood Sisters - Rebels Season 2 Episode 6 Review


Blood Sisters In a developing trend focusing on female characters we find Sabine, the Mandalorian graffiti artist, taking center stage. The episode revolves around Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper going on a mission to meet a Rebel courier and retrieve intel for Senator Bail Organa. Instead of a mission that is a simple go and grab the Rebels must face Ketsu Onyo a Black Sun operative and former friend and “Blood Sister” of Sabine who wants the intel too.

What Works?

The DROIDS!!!!

Chopper. He has multiple moments to shine and provides some much needed excitement to the episode. In one fun scene, Chopper is sucked into space as Sabine tries to escape. Chopper, being resourceful as ever (and not a stranger to being sucked into space. Watch Season One) helps Sabine get out of a dicey situation.

Gonk. Another droid. The Gonk droid (trashcan droid) is a fan favorite from A New Hope and is surprisingly the courier that Sabine and company is looking for. It was unexpected and in my opinion a good story choice to have a droid be the courier. Unfortunately the droid had more personality than Ketsu Onyo (we will talk about her later).  

What Didn’t Work?

A lot. I found Ketsu uninteresting. The main reason is that we see her as a Black Sun operative that is sent to fetch the same intel that the Rebels are seeking, and while she does what she can to capture the Gonk droid, she quickly and easily changes her mind and becomes welcoming and friendly with Sabine. It is shocking that reconciliation comes so abruptly after what happened between them and I think this story would have been better served if it went into a 2 to 3 episode story arc.

The Empire is still inept. There are several moments of incompetence on the part of the Empire that it is laughable and as the viewer you never feel any dramatic tension. As mentioned in previous episode reviews, the lack of menace on the part of the villains makes you miss the Grand Inquisitor of Season 1. There needs to be an introduction of a villain that brings some tension to the show or the show will suffer. Hopefully we will see that soon.

Because of these issues the episode suffers greatly. It feels like a filler episode with really nothing at stake.

Overall, this is the weakest episode of the season. I hate that because I want Sabine to have her moment, but her moment is not in this episode.

2 Death Stars




2 Death Stars out of 5