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Could Luke Have Done It Alone?

Star Wars Celebration is one week away (as I’m writing this), and one of the most exciting parts of Celebration for me doesn’t have to do with any specific panels, or snagging some limited edition toys or books, or even getting an autograph with one of the many talented actors who will be there.  Yes, all this is exciting, and I plan on doing all of it, but what I’m most looking forward to is the people; my people to be exact.  We as Star Wars Fans have this unique camaraderie that makes us feel like a community, whether we know each other or not. This shared love of that galaxy far, far away, is bringing us all together, reminding us that we are not alone.

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Unmistakably Star Wars @ Star Wars Celebration Chicago!

Hey little Tauntauns (sorry Devin, I’m coopting it for now, mwaha), we just wanted to send out a quick update with our info for the SWCC Podstage! Reminder: The limited edition posters are just that – LIMITED, so you don’t want to be late! On top of those, members of Team USW will be hosting mini giveaways on the spot for stickers, patches, pins, etc. – ya gotta be there to win! So come see us chat Episode IX and leave with some sweet swag!

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Free Solo Is a Great Star Wars Story

Near the end of Free Solo, the following words appear on-screen: “On June 3 2017, Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo El Capitan.” What stood out to me in that statement? I spent hours researching and discovered el capitan is Spanish for captain. Based on this revelation, and using the phonetic sound of the first syllable of Alex’s last name, I decoded the hidden message of the film.

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From Irreverence to Irrelevance: A Closer Look At Fan Dissatisfaction and Discourse

Outrage. Complete and total outrage.

That’s what I felt to the very core of my being when I first learned my fiance was sleeping with my best friend in college. Suddenly, the hopes I had stored away, and the plans for the future were nothing close to what I had envisioned. For the better part of two years (two years!) I experienced a myriad of emotions - from shock, to denial, to anger, and more. It’s as if I were on a carousel, experiencing each of the emotions again, and again, and again. In my mind, there was no way to reconcile the circumstances - in one fell swoop, I had lost my fiance, my best friend, and all the hopes involving each of them. Even the ‘good’ memories would now be tainted.

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A Drop of Wisdom from Yoda

The past two months, I kind of stepped away from Star one really knew that until now.  This is unusual for me because December is the"anniversary"of when I fell in love with Star Wars, but life happened and I did not have that desire to get excited about this fandom.  I did manage to film a video for a future article.  I just have to edit it.  I also bought a Star Wars book that I plan to review.  I can definitely say that it is my favorite Star Wars book, ever…just saying.

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Diversity In Star Wars

As Star Wars fans, many of us want diversity behind the camera. Every time a new director is named we ask, “When will a non-white and/or non-male be tapped to direct a Star Wars movie?” (Unfortunately, this eliminates me from consideration, and I know I must be near the top of the list. Alas, I am willing to step aside for the sake of progress.). We are passive because we have no power to actually choose the people to fill these positions.

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