Listening to Legends: Darksaber Review


Listening to Legends: Darksaber Review

Darksaber, the novel written by Kevin J. Anderson, is part of the “Old Cannon” or Legends. Anderson does a good job of continuing the thematic elements found in many of the novels from the “Old Cannon.” Anderson writes Darksaber from multiple vantage points across the galaxy. The Empire is still trying to rebuild from the Battle of Endor and the Hutts are looking to fill the power vacuum. The book follows Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa as they try to solve the mystery of the Hutts and what they might be building. Anderson introduces new characters, both Jedi Knights and some empire “baddies.” We get insight into events from the original trilogy from a new character that shows the depth of the Emperor’s cruelty and how evil he actually was.

What works:

Anderson covers multiple angles and storylines really well. As a reader, I was not longing to only be with one storyline. I was excited when the story would switch to different characters and I could catch up on their story. I enjoyed the details of how the Darksaber was built and the New Republic’s plans for it. I thought Anderson did a great job with the relationship between two of the newly knighted Jedi, Kyp Durron and Dorsk 81. Dorsk 81 struggles with being a Jedi and a clone, while Kyp tries his best to help him out. The climax of the book with all of the intertwining storylines intersecting is awesome.

What doesn’t:

I didn’t like Luke’s love interest with Callista. I know it builds on a previous book but personally, I think it is slightly creepy. 

I know Luke struggles with not being attached as a Jedi. I think Luke’s decisions, being the sole Jedi, have to influence a new generation of Jedi and he might want to differ from some of their teachings.

The result:

Overall I think Anderson does a good job with Darksaber. The story fits well in the saga, the characters are compelling, and it was an easy read.

My rating:

3-5 Death Stars



3 1/2 Deathstars out of 5.