“Domino Squad: A Clone Wars Marathon”


“Domino Squad: A Clone Wars Marathon”

This is not a happy story. Though at times it may seem right, war is not. The story of Domino Squad focuses on a group of clones of the Clone War through their eyes. What they see is truly horrific… But good soldiers follow orders. They are brothers through and through, born and bred for combat. For some clones, the nightmare never ends. If you plan to show this marathon to your younglings, please prescreen it. There are wonderful discussions to be had on this tale if they are old enough.

If you are a veteran of the Clone War or a shiny recruit, this marathon is a must watch! I am setting this marathon up differently because the story of the clones in The Clone Wars TV show is something truly special. I don't want to spoil the story in my comments, so I cut the chatter to a minimum. There is a lot to take out of these episodes. By watching these story arcs, the viewer obtains a snapshot experience of the war from the Clone Troopers perspective. This is also a longer marathon (roughly 7 hours!); however, it contains a complete overall story centered around the clones of Domino Squad.

You will notice that it might appear that some episodes jump around in the episode order. This is due to how they made the show. It wasn't until much later that Lucasfilm released an official Chronological Order found here.

What You Need To Know

Before we begin there are some things to know. The Clone Wars show starts about a year roughly after Attack of the Clones. At that point, Anakin Skywalker has gone through enough trials to be promoted from a Padawan into a Jedi Knight. In canon so far that story has been left untold (In the out of print Legends cartoon micro-series, Clone Wars by Genndy Tartakovsky, they offer up a wonderful answer to how Anakin was knighted). Additionally, the Jedi have shifted from keepers of the peace to outright Commanders of the Republic’s Clone Army against the Confederacy of Independent Systems’ droid army (aka Separatists). Lastly, Anakin Skywalker has gained a Padawan apprentice named Ahsoka Tano to train. Her story is not the focus in this Stars Wars Tale, but I do encourage everyone to check it out in the rest of The Clone Wars series!


Cat and Mouse (Season 2 Episode 16)

Before jumping into the story of Domino Squad, I felt this story does a great job at setting up the tone of the show, and introduce the show’s version of Anakin Skywalker.

The Shiny Soldiers

Clone Cadets (Season 3 Episode 1)

Rookies (Season 1 Episode 5)

ARC Troopers (Season 3 Episode 2)

Attack of the Clones may have briefly shown clones being bred into soldiers, but this arc goes in heavy to explore more of the process. The clones were intelligent humans, and not simply droid bait. They may have been cut up from Jango Fett’s DNA, but no two clones are truly the same.

Escaping the Citadel

The CitadelThe Citadel (Season 3 Episode 18)

Counter Attack (Season 3 Episode 19)

Citadel Rescue (Season 3 Episode 20)

Jedi Master Even Piell and an important Captain in the Republic Navy hold the key to special hyperspace lanes. The usefulness of those lanes could leave an explosive echo in ending the war! However, they must first escape imprisonment…

Dark Days of Umbara

Darkness on Umbara (Season 4 Episode 7)

The General (Season 4 Episode 8)

Plan of Dissent (Season 4 Episode 9)

Carnage of Krell (Season 4 Episode 10)

Sometimes in war, there are moments of clarity. Other times the line between friends and enemies blur. In this arc, the fog of deception is thicker than molasses…

Good Soldiers Follow Orders

FugitiveThe Unknown (Season 6 Episode 1)

Conspiracy (Season 6 Episode 2)

Fugitive (Season 6 Episode 3)

Orders (Season 6 Episode 4)

Everyone has a choice. Yet what if that choice is blown away before you were born? One moment you are giving high fives and fist bumps, and the next… Well, what dreams may come.


The Bad Batch (Story Reel)

A Distant Echo (Story Reel)

On the Wings of Keeradaks (Story Reel)

Unfinished Business (Story Reel)

Now these episodes may be a little challenging to watch. They were not animated at all; however, the story reel of these episodes still convey the story and boy what a story! The episodes can be found on the Star Wars site. They even left links in the chronological order (again found here). If you are curious to learn more about the Bad Batch afterward, then check out this discussion by Dave Filoni here!


What a journey it was to view the Clone War through the lens of Domino Squad! I hope you found it to be a fascinating journey. The beauty of this marathon is how it shifts focus from the Jedi’s point of view to the Clones. Though they are on the same side, the scars of battle leave different memories… Painful memories.

If you watched and enjoyed this marathon, let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Did you jump to Revenge of the Sith afterward? Or maybe your view of the Clones change? Perhaps, to your surprise, your perspective of the Jedi changed?