Exploring Friendship in Star Wars

From Wookiee hugs to blowing up Imperial super weapons, the theme of friendship is as much a part of the Star Wars galaxy as the the stars themselves. Join us as we take a closer look at the various ways friendship is at the center of the storyline, including which scenes are our personal favorites! Find our full conversation here.

PLUS! On this weeks show, Barb, Devin, Eve and Gina sit down and chat the latest and greatest from the Star Wars news circuit! From recently announced rules concerning what to wear and what NOT to wear whilst visiting Galaxy’s Edge and a new LEGO Star Wars game coming soon, to Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay footage and early reviews, it was a good time for news!

News Stories For the Week:

Closer Look: Exploring Macro Themes – Friendship

How might the theme of FRIENDSHIP be portrayed in Episode IX?

  • Let’s first talk a little bit about the definition of “theme”

  • Let’s talk a bit about FRIENDSHIP - beyond Star Wars - what’s makes this so compelling?

    • To what extent is FRIENDSHIP   based on POV?

  • Regarding Star Wars so far…

    • What are some of the most compelling examples of FRIENDSHIP within Star Wars?

    • Why is this compelling?

      • How does this particular instance of FRIENDSHIP impact the saga as a whole? How might the saga be different without this instance?

  • Where might we see this theme play out in Episode IX?

    • How might this impact the ST storyline?

    • How might this impact all of the films to this point?

Episode 186: Exploring Macro Themes – Friendship

Devin Kleffer


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