Free Solo Is a Great Star Wars Story


Free Solo is a Great Star Wars Story

Near the end of Free Solo, the following words appear on-screen: “On June 3 2017, Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo El Capitan.” What stood out to me in that statement? I spent hours researching and discovered el capitan is Spanish for captain. Based on this revelation, and using the phonetic sound of the first syllable of Alex’s last name, I decoded the hidden message of the film.

Free Captain Han Solo.

Yes, Free Solo is a Star Wars story. Don’t believe me? I heard the word Jedi used in the movie.

Need more proof? In the movie, Alex Honnold says there are six pitches on El Capitan that worry him the most: Freeblast Slab, Hollow Flake, Monster Offwidth, Boulder Problem, Teflon Corner, and Enduro Corner.

Freeblast Slab

This is a veiled reference to Han Solo’s encounter with Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Han distracted Greedo so he could free his blaster from its holster. Han then took a free blast which landed Greedo on a slab.

Hollow Flake

There were plenty of flakes on Hoth. So many, that humans couldn’t survive overnight in the below freezing temperatures. Luckily, Han was wise enough to hollow out a tauntaun to keep his friend warm and alive.

Monster Offwidth

The trick is to drop the second F and leave the space. This leaves you with Monster Of Width. Clearly this means Jabba the Hutt. Although it could be referring to the Exogorth that tried to eat the Millennium Falcon. It may even mean the Rathtars. Han Solo has many associations with Monsters Of Width.

Boulder Problem

Boulder Problem is an understatement when your trying to beat the odds of 3,720 to 1. Navigating an asteroid field gave Han problems with many boulders. It also brings to mind a certain trap involving a boulder with Indiana Jones, another iconic  character played by Harrison Ford.

Teflon Corner

Teflon, discovered in 1938, which is also the year Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail, is a plastic with the lowest coefficient of friction. For this reason, one of its most common uses is to coat nonstick cookware. It is made of a chain of carbon atoms surrounded by fluorine atoms. In the Star Wars galaxy, it might be called Carbonite. I bet when Jabba’s parties ran all through the night, he’d pull ole Captain Solo off the wall, run a current through him, lay him across a couple of saw horses, and have the coolest nonstick griddle on Tatooine. He’d make breakfast for everybody. The Gamorrean guards supplied the bacon and the Rancors supplied the eggs.

Enduro Corner

Take the O from the end, replace the U with it, and you get Endor. After Captain Solo was rescued, he led a mission on Endor which allowed Death Star II to be destroyed. The quest to rescue Han Solo was successful and paid dividends.

Free Solo is a metaphor portraying the danger and difficulty of the mission to save Han Solo. It also explores the danger and difficulty of romance in situations of life and death. Just as romance can cause a momentary lack of focus on the side of a mountain, it can also be distracting during a battle. Han and Leia eventually gave in to their feelings because they realized the fight may not be worth fighting if you don’t have someone to fight it for.

For all these reasons, Free Solo is a great Star Wars story.