Many Bovines Died to Bring Us This Inspiration


Hamill. Leather. Jackets. At the intersection of fandom and quirkiness there was a collision. It was a joke at most things of this nature typically are. I mean, we didn't exactly wake up one day thinking: “Let’s make an account for the sole purpose of showcasing Hamill’s impressive leather jacket collection!” (Oh, who am I fooling – that’s exactly what we did! The we, being Sara Tasker from Me & Orla, and myself - your very own @skywalker_eve).

Here’s what happened: Sara and I had been chatting daily via DM (that’s Twitter lingo for ‘Direct Messaging,’ in case you live under a giant boulder). After a month or so, we noticed Mark (first name basis is totally acceptable, yeah?) had followed a fan-made account: “MarkHPointing.” Well, this new development greased the gears, and before we realized what happened, a full-on brainstorming session was underway - plotting to both honor and attract Hamill, himself!

We went back-and-forth on a plethora of quirky Hamillisms: “Mark adores comic books! And collecting things! He also really loves...leather jackets!” And that is how quickly it all came about. I threw the name Hamill’s Jackets out there, secured the account, and wasted no time spamming the Twitterverse with vintage and current-day photographs of Mark draped in stylish bovine outerwear.

And as proof of the magnitude of this movement, Mark followed our account on February 9, 2016! And that was also the day I realized what going into shock feels like. No, seriously. Stay with me for a moment...

For thirty solid minutes, I had ZERO body heat and barely any control of my limbs. No, I wasn’t flailing like a teenage girl (I’m in my thirties!) nor was I weeping. I just...instantaneously lost all of the heat in my extremities and needed to sit down in front of my fireplace for fear of crumbling. It was the oddest thing. Truly. (And I’ve experienced enough oddball life happenings to recognize this as being at the top of the list!)

I couldn’t believe it happened – Look! See? I brought proof. Everyone requires evidence these days, so I came prepared:

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-8-31-06-pmBack then, Hamill wasn’t in the habit of following every single fan-made account like he does these days, so when Sara and I connected with each other online to celebrate the occasion, we fangirled until the middle of the night.

The moment was a complete surprise, and to this day still holds a special place for us – it was the first of now three of our accounts that Mark Hamill follows (more on that in the next article!). That night was a night of pure magic, so thank you, Mr. Hamill!

And, while our dedication to sprinkling the Twitterverse with a little bit (more) of Hamill goodness continues, these days Sara and I are a less strict on what gets posted. In the early days, it was a must to post an image of Mark wearing leather – and deviating from that foundational principle was an unwritten no-no. But with only so many photos of Mark wearing leather, we now have a bit of fun posting a variety of images of Mark being, well, Mark!

Of course, we laugh when we discover new photos, act out the occasional and unrehearsed Harem-dance whenever he Likes or RTs, but there’s more to it than that. All of this harmless and creatively-rich social media tomfoolery has given more back than we’ve ever imagined: a weird connection to our favorite Jedi – a direct line to the man beneath the Skywalker tunic.

So, now that winter is coming, and it’s time to bundle up, dare I ask the man himself to appease @HamillsJackets with a photo or two of some new, or vintage, leather-jacket goodness? Or you know, tickets to the premiere of Episode VIII would work, too...

Either way, we’ll continue to populate the account, and enjoy a jocular, healthy outlet as Hamill’s best fans, *hair flip*. Know that we’ll gladly spend our time in a give-and-take with the Google Image gods and enjoy this little world we’ve carved out for ourselves. And we’ll do this all while having a helluva lot of laughs along the way...