Han Solo and the Freezing Fueled Nightmare


Sometimes in life it benefits to just get down right silly. Depending on one’s humor or sanity that Chaakrabbit hole may go in twisting directions. Take a tangent with me. This Chaakrabbit trail of thought involves a very famous scoundrel embarking on an unexpected journey that will lead him towards a new understanding of himself. Will his angels appear as demons as he battles against his moral compass, his sanity, or his love? There is a Star Wars video game concept that is so ridiculous. So amazing. So appalling. So fetch! That it begs to be made into existance. However, this game will never see the light of day. Below is the concept to one of the best Star Wars video game that will never see the light of day: Han Solo and the Freezing Fueled Nightmare.

**Author's Note: This idea had been something stirring in the back of my mind, for quite some time. Last year I wrote this article as a way to articulate my thoughts.**


A bounty over the pirate Han Solo became too high of an opportunity to miss. In addition to his recent involvement, with rebel Freedom Fighters, Han Solo’s fate was sealed. He became a marked man. After falling into a trap by Bounty Hunter Boba Fett and the infamous Darth Vader, Solo was frozen in carbonite… Yet, his story does not end there. The thing about being frozen in carbonite is the body may have been frozen, but the mind was not. In fact, it was kicked into Corellian overdrive in a fever fueled state of nightmarish proportion! Relive the events that took place in the mind of the scoundrel Han Solo, as Boba Fett ferries him off to gluttonous Jabba the Hutt…


Video games are mainly focused on function over story. If a game is terrible to play, then an audience will not stick around. The easiest mechanics this Han Solo game would borrow would be elements from the Uncharted series (a cinematic Indiana Jones inspired type adventure), Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (a hero’s journey type adventure game that navigates two different realms), Shadow of Colossus (a David versus Goliath adventure game, where the hero must kill these gigantic creatures to wake his princess), and Red Dead Redemption (an action packed western adventure game).

How this Han Solo game would play out is the player character would control a third person view of Han Solo on an epic action adventure story. He would be able to fly the Millennium Falcon in space or atmosphere during select parts of the game. Solo’s fighting mechanics on foot would consist of mostly blaster fire. There would be occasional moments in the story, where Solo would be able to attempt to bluff his way out of situations. Boss battles would consist of an extreme contortion of reality as he faces off giant foes. These giant foes would be a manifestation of someone he knew at a shatterpoint in their relationship. One example is Han Solo against a gigantic disembodied floating head of bounty hunter Greedo as Solo is shrunken down so small that he has to run across the Mos Eisley’s cantina table. Meanwhile an army of Rodian’s attempt to swarm Solo as he shoots pressure points across Greedo’s head.


The best way I know to describe the story is if you crossed “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Jacob’s Ladder” with Star Wars. I would lean closer to Jacob’s Ladder, which has the main character clashing against two separate realities in his search for the truth (Trying to not spoil that movie as it is a dark powerful story). The story of Han Solo frozen in carbonite is a total reflective journey. The idea that one’s life flashes before their eyes comes into play in this tale. Nothing is truly as it seems as cracks in his memory are replaced, with grotesque horrors and self doubt.

The introduction scene is on Bespin, right before Han says, “I know.” A flash and utter darkest go across the screen and the player takes control of a Han Solo of yesteryear. A Han Solo just starting out as a smuggler… only the walls might melt. The worlds he is on might crumble. People he knew might morph into other people. Time is meaningless as events in his past expand and retract in his new reality as he relives a transformed hero’s journey. His inner demons… Anxieties… Turmoil brought to the surface. Canon events that took place in the movies, comics, and literature are brought to life in this video game narrative; however, it doesn't have to perfectly line up, because it is a feverish nightmare. Stories like Smuggler’s Run, the new Marvel Star Wars comic, Han Solo comic, and more are relived in this limbo universe. However, not to forget pivotal moments from the movies! The beauty of the game would be how Solo copes, with going down those moments. Would he fight back in the torture scene from Empire Strikes Back? Would he devote more time to his copilot Chewbacca? Would he be nicer to his worshipfulness? There are many paths he could go in the shatterpoints in his life. The game could even incorporate elements from the spin off Han Solo stand alone film!

How the game could end is after the last climatic battle, the story cuts back to where it began on Bespin. Han Solo against Darth Vader before being frozen again… only this time Han grows to gigantic proportions. He scoops up Darth Vader and crushes him in his clenched fist. The weight of Solo’s body causes the entire Cloud City to buckle under the pressure as it loses power and plummets… Darkness again filling Han Solo’s eyes… All he hears is a faint voice telling him to calm down… Words come in and out of focus… Words that he has hibernation sickness… Han speaks out loud as pain engulfs his body...

Han Solo: “Who are you?”

Leia Organa: “Someone who loves you.”

Credits roll…


Well, what a game that would be if made! It could potentially be the most bizarre, crazy, and sad Star Wars video game ever. What moments in Han Solo’s life would you include in this tale? What Legends moments would you want to include as well? Comment below! Thank you to all, who went down this Chaakrabbit hole. Sometimes taking a break from sanity can recharge one’s batteries.