I Have You Now! - Adventures in Toy Collecting


To open or not to open... That is the question!

I've only started collecting Star Wars toys in the last year, and I've confronted this question several times. Do I open the box of something that was designed to be played with, or do I keep my toys in the box, with the hope that someday I'll be able to sell them for a bit of profit? Am I betraying my inner child by putting toys on a shelf, only to look at them, or am I making a wise investment by trying to keep these toys as pristine as possible?

Do I feel like one of the guys in this recent SNL skit?

[youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYyuo7gm-aQ" autoplay="false" repeat="false"]


Do I sometimes feel like Al from Toy Story 2 if something happens to one of my toys?

[youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mW7wfkw1Mk" autoplay="false" repeat="false"]


Have I spent hours going from store to store trying to find just one figure that I don't yet possess?

Somewhat embarrassingly, yes.

Where does all this come from? I blame (if blame is really even the right word) two people, sort of. My dad, who would tell me stories about the toys that he had growing up, and how he regrettably sold them before he could give them to me to enjoy. And my Uncle, who amazed me when he opened what seemed like endless boxes full of original Star Wars toys from my grandpa's basement. These two men, and experiences, left an impression on me that influence why collect.

In this series, I want to share my collection with you, some of the story of how I managed to get my hands on each figure, and my thoughts on each along the way. My reviews will be somewhat limited as I've chosen not to open the boxes, but I'll do my best to give you my thoughts and why I enjoy about each figure. Come along with me on this adventure!

As I add stories I'll update a running list here:

TBS6 - Luke Skywalker #03 - Phase II, Wave 1