THE INVISIBLE DROID AND AMERICAN POLITICS On a recent episode of Rebels Reaction, Tyler and Christine mused on why Chopper was able to just paint himself black and then wander around Imperial bases unabated.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence.

In A New Hope, R2-D2 and C-3PO are left alone on The Death Star as Luke, Han, and Chewie set off to rescue Princess Leia. Especially after watching Rogue One, it is horrifying to think they just laid the plans to the Death Star (which will show the Rebels a built in flaw) and left them unguarded on an Imperial space station.

In Return of the Jedi, Artoo and Threepio are sent to Jabba’s palace, but they are not held in a cell like the others. They are put to work. The whole time, Artoo is concealing the means of escape.

In Rogue One, K-2SO is not considered a threat by Stormtroopers even though he is with Jyn and Cassian. A Trooper clearly recognizes them as prisoners but does not think for a second that K-2SO is a coconspirator. He just needs to run a diagnostic.

It is clear that the denizens of the Star Wars galaxy see droids as less than human. It is equally clear to the audience that the droids show more raw humanity than most other characters. The fear of C-3PO. The bravery of R2-D2. The selflessness of K-2SO.

It reminds me of Ralph Ellison’s, Invisible Man. Set in the 1930’s, it tells the story of an African American man who realizes he is invisible to white society. He is invisible because whites see him as a stereotype or as an indistinguishable member of a group. Because of the way others see him and the fact he has never been taught important historical contributions of black people, the main character has no real personal identity. He is invisible to himself.

Now, with the inauguration of a new president, the idea of people being treated as invisible is on the minds of many Americans. For the fourth presidential election in a row, the country seems to be split fifty-fifty. I live in a conservative part of the country. Most of the other members of Unmistakably Star Wars live in liberal parts of the country. The crazy thing is, we all live around great people. You can find really good people all over the country regardless of political affiliation.

People of differing views can have reasonable conversations about issues. I am a conservative, but I did not vote for Trump. Many people are conservative because of their faith in God. In the future as we discuss immigration, I would just urge my fellow conservatives, especially those of faith, to remember we are talking about the lives of real people.

I know there are many reasons to have a secure border. Some are based on perceptions of safety. Some are based on ideas about economics. No matter how rational an argument we can make, let us not forget mercy and selflessness are values we should uphold.  It may seem that mistreatment of some could result in a benefit for others. However, society works best when we put others before ourselves.

Just ask yourself.

What would K-2SO do?