Land Shark! Review of Rebels Season 2 Episode 1


Review of Rebels S2E1

Land Shark

I love Jaws! Really, it is one of the few films that has had an impact on me in a similar way as Star Wars. It is exciting, terrifying, funny and made me never want to go into the ocean.

So why am I talking about Jaws? Well, because of Rebels of course. In the first episode of the new season our heroes are sent by Asoka to find some of the remaining clones from the Clone Era. The hope is that these clones can provide intel that can help the Rebellion find a base to hide in and conduct their operations.

On a distant planet, the crew of the Ghost locates three clones, who live in an old Clone War era walker (the six-legged AT-TE). The clones, lead by the beloved Rex, are in some ways interested in what the Rebels have to say. On the other hand you have Kanan, who does not trust the three old clone troopers because his life was altered by Order 66 when the Clone Troopers executed the Jedi (and his master). It is this aspect of the show that you find some tension between the characters.

So why Jaws? Well, in order for Rex to provide information, the clones ask for some help from the Ghost’s crew. The “help” is for Zeb to become the bait for a massive worm-like creature that lives underneath the planet’s surface. If Rex and company can kill this creature they can eat for a year!

The sequence involving the hunt is a wonderful homage to Jaws where the crew of the Orca hunt Jaws for the first time. The music has a similar feel to John William’s iconic score and there are a number of beats to the scene that makes you think about Jaws. It is well done.

Is there anything bad? No, nothing bad. There is a sense that it is the beginning of something much more exciting and because it is the first episode, it is unrealistic to expect something great. It is the first part of a story arc and it does a splendid job setting up that arc.

Overall the episode is well paced. It has a sense of adventure and fun that is a nice change of pace after the dark themes found in the Siege of Lothal (the episodes that preceded it). There are no big reveals (the trailers for the episode did that). But it is fun and a welcome addition to the series.

My Rating:

3-5 Death Stars



3 ½ Death Stars out of 5.