What Did We Learn About Rebels: Season 3 From The Clip Shown Today?


What Did We Learn About Rebels: Season 3 From The Clip Shown Today?

Today the Star Wars Show on YouTube showed the following clip from the 3rd Season of Rebels (go to the 3:41 mark):


So What Did We Learn From This Rebels Clip?

  1. Ezra!!!! Short hair. Ezra is different. His voice sounds deeper. He looks taller. Stronger. I think we are seeing a very interesting progression in the development of Ezra. It also looks like he is carrying his master's lightsaber. I wonder where Kanan is? On the Ghost? Ezra also shows is a brief flash of action that he is growing much more powerful.
  2. Hondo is back. Hondo is such a fan favorite and showed some interesting flashes of character development last season. In this clip, he has some sort of intel the Rebels need. Of course, Hondo is also captured and in trouble.
  3. With Kanan's injury and Herra's position as leader, it looks like Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb will be doing the heavy lifting this season.

Some questions that came up while watching the Rebels Season 3 clip:

  1. Where does this clip fall in the upcoming season?
  2. Will Ezra build a new lightsaber?
  3. Ezra doesn't hesitate to kill. What does this say about his journey/development?
  4. What is the intel Hondo has?

One thing for sure is that those that will be in the Rebel's panel at Celebration are in for one hell of a treat.