Legacy of Mandalore : Rebels Season 3 Episode 15 Review


Legacy of Mandalore : Rebels Season 3 Episode 15 Review

Legacy of Mandalore:

Sabine, Kanan, and Ezra travel to Krownest to attempt to recruit Clan Wren. If they break from the Empire, they can assist the Rebellion. Although Sabine carries the Darksaber, it may not be enough to overcome passed discretions. Are Sabine’s family ties strong enough to sway Clan Wren to go against other Mandalorian clans as well as the Empire?

What Worked

Family Relations

The best part of the episode involves the family relationships Sabine has with the rest of her Clan. The most interesting parts of Star Wars have to do with the complications of family drama. For all of the science fantasy window dressing, family is the heartbeat and relatability of Star Wars.

The Wren family drama is compelling in a way different, yet similar, to the Skywalkers’. Love of family can force one to make tough choices. It can drive wedges between parents and children. In the case of the Wrens, can the matriarch make deals to protect her child from the Empire instead of trying to convert her child?


Krownest is the home planet of Clan Wren, Sabine’s family. It is beautifully drawn. It is mountainous and wintery, but not an icy wasteland like Hoth. It has pine trees and frozen lakes. It feels more like it is set in Switzerland, minus the architecture of the buildings. It is an amazingly peaceful place for a warrior race.

The Showdown

The end of the episode works very well. I loved seeing Mandalorian on Mandalorian fighting. The jetpacks and special weapons made for a visually enticing sequence.  

Then there was one on one duel Sabine had at the conclusion of the battle. It is great to see the culmination of Sabine’s training with Kanan. We are left with some unfinished business for the Mandalorian people. I for one can’t wait to see how the future of Mandalore progresses.

Formidable Foreshadowing

During the pitch to recruit Clan Wren, Sabine says she seeks help on a mission to deal the first real blow to the Empire. The Rebellion wants to show the rest of the galaxy that the Empire can be defeated. Unfortunately, we know from Rogue One that stealing the plans to the Death Star was the first successful Rebellion attack against the Empire. With the aptitude of Grand Admiral Thrawn being a staple of this season, it seems whatever the big plan is, (probably an attack on the Imperial factory on Lothal) our Rebels will suffer a catastrophic defeat.

Visual and Audio

Along with the aforementioned artwork for Krownest, there are other noteworthy examples of brilliant animation. The first is when our heroes’ ship is attacked by Mandalorians. The attack is a good sequence. It reaches an apex as the Mandalorians, using their jetpacks, fly by the ship. The point of view begins inside the ship and follows the flight of an outside attacker. Once she flies past the window, the point of view continues in the same direction to the end with the reaction to the passengers inside the back of the ship.

Another great visual is in the throne room in the Wren’s compound. Above the throne is beautiful artwork of the Wren family matriarch. It harkens back to the Hera’s Heroes episode, where we are shown artwork depicting the Syndullas in their family home. It is a nice touch which adds a realism and depth to the Mandalore culture.

There is also the usual attention to detail the artists do superbly. At one point, the ship crash lands. As it passes close to the tops of trees, snow is shaken loose as the trees sway from the force of the ship. Later, as the ship lifts off, we see the legs of the ship move independently as if they have some sort of shock absorbing quality. These dynamic images show the thoughtfulness of the artists trying to represent how these things would work if they were real. Lesser committed artists would leave these images static.

The music again accentuates the good writing and animation. It swells in the final duel. We not only see and hear, we actually feel the emotion of the moment.

What Didn’t Work

There is nothing that really doesn’t work. If I wanted to be nitpicky, I could come up with a couple of things. One is how easily a hidden passenger sneaks around the well fortified compound of Clan Wren. You would think a paranoid warrior race would be a little more concerned with security. The other thing is how easily a crashed ship is able to fly at the conclusion of the episode. These examples are very minor, and really do not detract from the quality of the episode.


The episode is very good, and moves the season along in a satisfying trajectory. I may be guilty of comparing this episode too much to the previous one. This episode lacks a small something compared to that one, but I am loving the exploration of the Mandalorians.

4.5 Death Stars out of 5.