Legacy: Rebels Season 2 Episode 9 Review


Legacy As Ezra grows in power he begins to experience vivid force dreams that causes him to resume his search for his parents. Desperate to find them, Ezra convinces Kanan to help him. After a skirmish with the Imperials, the Master and Apprentice go back to Lothal to learn the truth of what happened to Ezra’s parents.  In an episode that is subdued in many ways, “Legacy” is a  leap forward in the development of Ezra.

What Works?

Early in the episode Ezra, Zeb, Kanan, and Chopper find themselves in a crossfire. In desperation to leave to find his parents Ezra takes matters into his own hands. In one moment the scene shows both Ezra’s heroism and his proclivity to let his emotions get the better of him. Losing his temper Ezra charges the Inquisitors. If not for Kanan, Ezra would have been in trouble. It is an effective scene that you can’t help but feel is foreshadowing a darker time ahead for the teenage padawan.

Another scene that works well also takes place in the early stages of the episode. In this scene the Rebels must break free from an Imperial ambush. There is a really good Hera moment here as she attempts to free some of her fellow Rebels from a tractor beam. It is a continuation of the development of Hera as an exceptional pilot. The scene is well crafted, exciting (even though you suspect the hero's will escape), and adds a much needed action sequence to an otherwise slower episode.

What Didn’t Work?

The pacing of the last half of the episode is slow. While the reveal of the fate of Ezra’s parents is emotionally resonate, I was hoping for something a little more exciting for the midseason finale. There is no real cliffhanger, none of the characters are in serious physical danger... although you do feel that Ezra is in emotional danger with what is going on around him. For some this aspect of the show might have worked for them. For me, it didn’t. But that is not a major issue that completely derails the episode.

Overall this is a solid episode. But because of the label of “midseason finale” many might expect something more from an otherwise slow episode. Still, the revelation of the fate of Ezra’s parents feels emotionally important. That aspect of the episode does not make it feel like a “filler” episode. When the episode ends you can not help but think that the fate of Ezra’s parents is going to become a focal point later in the season.


3-5 Death Stars




3 ½ Death Stars out of 5