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Carl continues to tackle what the NCAA Power 5 mascots would be in the Star Wars Universe.

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ACC Atlantic

  • Boston College X-Wings – The eagle became Boston College’s mascot in 1920 to symbolize majesty, power and freedom. So what better high flying symbol could do that in the Star Wars universe?
  • Clemson Tie Bombers – Notwithstanding last year’s performance, to “Clemson” meant to self destruct in a big moment. To bomb can have the same meaning.
  • Florida State Renegade Squadron
  • Louisville Calrissians – Okay, what do cardinals have to do with Lando? Well, the nickname is often shortened to the Cards. The most famous Star Wars card game is sabacc. Although Han beat him at sabacc to win the Millennium Falcon, Lando Calrissian is the most famous sabacc player.
  • North Carolina State Manock Pack – The wolfpack nickname started when the behavior of some football players was described as being, “as unruly as a pack of wolves.” Chewing on power cables and causing hull breaches is pretty unruly.
  • Syracuse BB-8s – We just trade one orange ball for another.
  • Wake Forest Mauls – Which character looks most like a demon?

ACC Coastal

  • Duke Blue Devaronians
  • Georgia Tech Millennium Falcons – Forget the yellow jackets. The original Tech mascot was the Ramblin’ Wreck. It’s an old sports car symbolizing how the engineering students would build cars from whatever parts they could find and keep them running with creativity and ingenuity. What vehicle is most often referred to as junk? The Millennium Falcon.
  • Miami Kaminoans – Kamino is the most likely place to find a hurricane in Star Wars.
  • North Carolina Tarkins – Tarhills just means anyone from North Carolina. It seems to derive from their reluctance to retreat from battle, as if tar on their heels keeps them stuck in place. Grand Moff Tarkin had a similar attitude. “Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.”
  • Pitt of Carkoon
  • Virginia Han Solos – Can you show any more of a cavalier attitude than when someone says, “I love you,” you say, “I know.”
  • Virginia Tech VT-49 Decimators – Good news Tech fans, the Decimator is a really cool ship. Bad news, it’s not iconic so most people won’t recognize it as Star Wars related. That’s what happens when you use a made up word with no definition for a mascot.


  • Notre Dame Fighting Yodas – Small and green fits perfectly. Many consider Notre Dame to be the greatest college football program of all time. It seems fitting to be represented by one of the greatest and oldest Jedi of all.

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