NCAA Star Wars Mascots - BIG 12


Carl continues to tackle what the NCAA Power 5 mascots would be in the Star Wars Universe.

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Big_12_Conference_logo- The Big 12 -

  • Baylor Ewoks
  • Iowa State Clones
  • Kansas State Bacta Widcatters
  • Kansas Anakins – Jayhawks got their name from guerilla groups in Kansas which were anti-slavery when slavery was still legal in the United States. I do remember Anakin Skywalker using a very effective guerilla attack to free his mother from the Sand People.
  • Oklahoma State Kanans – Dave Filoni called Kanan the cowboy Jedi.
  • Oklahoma Tatooine Settlers – Sooners are people who settled in unopened territories before it was legally allowed. The pioneers in Star Wars are living on outer rim planets like Tatooine.
  • Texas Tech Tusken Raiders
  • Texas Ahsokas – Ahsoka’s species is Togruta, which have large montrals (horns). That and her orange and white skin tones makes her the perfect person to represent Texas.
  • Texas Christian Bossks – He is a bounty hunter who looks like a horned frog.
  • West Virginia AT-TE Tank Walkers – These are armored transports used by clones. Some versions could scale vertical cliffs, making them quite useful in the mountains.

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