NCAA Star Wars Mascots - PAC 12


Carl continues to tackle what the NCAA Power 5 mascots would be in the Star Wars Universe.

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pac 12 logo- The PAC 12 -

PAC 12 North

  • California Ewoks
  • Oregon Gungans – At home on land and in the water.
  • Oregon State Womp Rats – “Darrell Garretson, you just threw a 70 yard hail Mary to win the game. There was about two meters of space between the receiver and defender. How did you hit that opening from so far away?” “I used to bulls eye womp rats in my T-16 back home, and they’re not much bigger than two meters. Plus, my quarterbacks coach is a force ghost.”
  • Stanford Jedi Temple – Stanford’s mascot is just a color, so I had to go with the tree that runs around with the band. Those that saw The Empire Strikes Back know Yoda once said something a tree. “You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.” The more avid fan knows a force sensitive tree once grew where the Jedi Temple stood on Coruscant.
  • Washington Wampas
  • Washington State Death Stars – The two biggest stars of Washington State football are Drew Bledsoe and Ryan Leaf. Bledsoe entered the NFL first and was a more complete quarterback. He was blown up by Mo Lewis, which allowed Tom Brady to explode onto the scene. It was career death for Bledsoe. Leaf came second, but unfortunately was not completely developed. His football abilities were fully operational, but his maturity was incomplete. He exploded at a reporter which began the death of his career also.

PAC 12 South

  • Arizona Kessel Spice Wildcatters
  • Arizona State Sun Devaronians
  • UCLA Wookies
  • Colorado Nerf Herd
  • USC Stormtroopers – The men of Troy are just like Stormtroopers. They kidnapped a royal woman. Also, Stormtroopers allowed a few rebels onto the Death Star. Just like the Trojan Horse, the rebels hid in compartments in the Millennium Falcon. On the flip side, the Death Star had an Achilles heel, so the symmetry is not perfect.
  • Utah Scout Troopers – The Ute people have a history of being very skilled on horseback. Turn the horse into a speeder bike and Scout Troopers are the best fit.

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