Mercenaries, Boxes, and Jedi: Part 2


Mercenaries, Boxes, and Jedi: Part 2

A Clone Wars Marathon

In this installment of episodes, we wrap up our marathon, with many mercenaries, some Jedi, and a box. The first installment can be found here. Here are the last five! If you have not seen these episodes, I strongly encourage you to read this after watching them.

Wookiee Hunt (Season 3 Episode 22)

Ahsoka and the remaining youngling Jedi on Wasskah face the consequences of their attack on the Trandoshans. Hope was not lost as they adapted. Put one foot in front of the other. They were getting off that moon, even after the younglings lost their leader. More prisoners were brought, for the Trandoshans to snuff out in their bloodlust. No. One prisoner was transported to the moon as Ahsoka lead the attack on the transport ship. Liberated, the prisoner greeted his saviors. The one. The only. Chewbacca!

With a Wookiee, a make shift distress signal, and some Jedi trickery to a captured Trandoshan the survivor’s take the battle to the skies where the Trandoshans called home. Even though hope was high, it did not hold out as the Trandoshans defended their flying fortress… Until the cavalry arrived! Side note, it wasn't until after the Clone War that Wookiees started building ships. However, they found a way by paying bounty hunter Sugi, for a lift! That’s right. The same bounty hunter from the part 1 of this marathon! As the end of battle was in sight the leader of the Trandoshans was given a choice to surrender… Everyone has a choice, and his was death. Afterwards, Anakin and Ahsoka reunite. Sunshine! Rainbows! Nothing bad could ever happen again!

Deception (Season 4 Episode 15)

deceptionWrong… The war still raged on. Terror abounded as whispers and murmurs leaked out that would put the Supreme Chancellor in danger. There were more lies and the Jedi Council took unthinkable measures. Unnecessary risks to plant a Jedi on the inside of the mystery. How could they have killed Obi-Wan Kenobi after Anakin Skywalker was still freaked out that he thought he would never see his Padawan again.

How dare they not trust Anakin and Ahsoka to tell them that Obi-Wan was not really dead. He was going undercover?! Were the Jedi the police now? If you look closely during Kenobi’s “funeral” you will spot Satine Kryze… The Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze. The woman that almost asked Obi-Wan to walk away from the Jedi Order. The one that knew it was not the right decision. Yet, even apart they both loved each other to go their own paths. Maybe they should have! Run away together. Be free of the lies and deception that the Jedi had become.

Speaking of lies, Obi-Wan Kenobi through a sci fi medical procedure took the face of the sniper, who “killed” him-- Rako Hardeen. From there he got caught by the Jedi, and thrown in prison with Moralo Eval (suspect mastermind behind the Supreme Chancellor kidnapping). A prison break ensued, but not before the return of the infamous outlaw Duros, Cad Bane! The one in the same from the Holocron heist arc. Obi-Wan er Hardeen must juggle untangling Eval’s plans while Bane lead them all to freedom.

“You cannot deny your feeling, Anakin. They are what make you special.” - Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

Friends and Enemies (Season 4 Episode 16)

On the run and not having fun the three fugitives wind up on the planet Nal Hutta in search, for change in threads and a clean ride. Cad Bane wasn’t stupid. He knew Hardeen was cursed and planned to ditch him as soon as possible. The beauty of this episode was how all three used each other to complete their objectives. The road to Serenno was to be a very tedious journey. The lines between friends and enemies blurred as vibroblades clashed as everyone double-crossed each other’s backs. After a lot of unnecessary subterfuge the three work together again to get off Nal Hutta. After Obi-Wan urged the Jedi Council to remove the bounty put over the fugitives heads. Something that would ring large blazing klaxons inside Anakin Skywalker’s head.

Speaking of Skywalker, with some subtle nudging from Palpatine, he and Ahsoka go rogue in their mission to track down Rako Hardeen. Track down the killer of his mentor. His closest thing to a brother. Hot on the trail they went. More detective work. More Force Choking.

Soon they were reunited with the fugitives. Anakin attempted to murder Rako Hardeen, for Obi-Wan. Cad Bane attempted to murder Anakin, for revenge. Lines blurred as Rako Hardeen tried not to break his cover. The three fugitives got away, without a side order of murder. Not before Rako caused Anakin to pass out when the connection of Master to Apprentice overwhelmed him. Not before Ahsoka leapt from the shadows to protect her Master. Guarding over a passed out Anakin fangs out like a Loth-cat protecting it’s kin. Connections fired inside Anakin’s brain as answers unlocked new questions. Who really were his friends and enemies?

The Box (Season 4 Episode 17)

The end of the road to Serenno. Sweet Serenno. Homeworld to the Separatist leader Count Dooku. Formerly Jedi. Currently Sith. Cad Bane’s job was almost done, and soon would be free of Moralo Eval and Rako Hardeen… Yet there was another job awaiting him. Moralo Eval was not just a criminal mastermind, but an inventor! He created a training course known simply as “The Box.” (Hence why I titled this marathon boxes instead of Holocron.) The purpose of the box was to test the selected mercenaries in order to get the best of the best, for the best kidnapping ever. They will need to do their parts to get past Jedi, Clone Troopers, and Naboo security. Remember back to the Kurosawa episode? Again another bounty hunter returns-- Embo! Their tests began.

The beauty of the box was how Count Dooku was able to not only measure up the potential mercenaries to the job, but also the size of Eval’s effectiveness as a leader. In addition, Rako Hardeen faced his hardest challenge yet. Not only did Cad Bane have his suspicions of Obi-Wan. Count Dooku would prove to be a harder foe to fool. Rako attempted to fool the former Master to Obi-Wan’s Master, but was it enough? Jury’s out. However, Eval failed in his duties to be a proper leader, so the winner went to Cad Bane! Meanwhile, Anakin got some of his burning questions answered by Yoda, and he was not too thrilled by what he learned. How can Anakin trust in Obi-Wan or the Jedi, when they could not trust him? Would Ahsoka lose trust in him?

Crisis on Naboo (Season 4 Episode 18)crisis-on-naboo

The kidnapping plot revealed! Festival of Light had come at last. A time of remembrance. A time of trust. A time that Supreme Chancellor used to test the Jedi and Republic by setting up the kidnapping. Anakin Skywalker must have begun to show his ripeness to Palpatine. Almost ready to be pluck… Yet still more game pieces needed to be moved on the board. What better way to justify higher security, than by commanding your current apprentice to sow more fear across the Republic?

The beauty of this episode was how full circle it came to the previous episodes in this arc. The deception of the mercenaries as they cloaked themselves to look like other people. The way everyone only had a piece of the puzzle to their mission, so that no one would double cross each other. The mission itself a test of not only the Jedi or the Republic… but a test of Rako Hardeen aka Obi-Wan as well. 

The Supreme Chancellor was almost captured, but in the end, the heroes were victorious… Yet the real crisis on Naboo soon began as Anakin realized he was starting to solidify his thoughts about leaving the Jedi Order (officially this time). Yet, before he came to that conclusion, Obi-Wan discovered another deception! Count Dooku knew the truth that Obi-Wan was undercover! After another rescue by Anakin and Obi-Wan of Palpatine from Count Dooku, the story came to a close...

Before we depart

What were your thoughts on going down this road of Mercenaries, boxes, and Jedi? I found the journey to give a great slice of the different bounty hunters. Most of them were new to the series, and not all of them were villains! I also enjoyed the different ways Jedi handled stressful situations. How the Jedi would react to their attachments to each other. How the Jedi chose to fight. How they applied their knowledge. Lastly, I enjoyed the variety of stories that each told. Some did play into each other and built up this overall story. Hope you all had a great time watching these episodes!