Merely a Flesh Wound: Star Wars Band-Aids


When the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced in 2013, many fans who grew up during the1970s and 1980s clamored for what would clearly be the inevitable onslaught of new and exciting merchandise. This was, after all, the saga that set the gold standard in toys, clothing and other tie-in merchandising. As the hours of September 4, 2015 - or "Force Friday" to the the three of you who are out of the loop - approached, we eagerly awaited the avalanche of synthetic materials to spend our hard-earned money on. Our hopes were not dashed. StarWarschopsabersAs the Force Friday catalog hit the internet, fans and collectors alike were treated to a list of merchandise that put even the most shiny of Sears Christmas Catalogues to shame. It was, well, frankly, overwhelming.  There was literally too much to take-in - and certainly more than this author's budget would allow for. There were, however, some, um, "interesting" tie-in products to go with the many new toys, games and clothing lines. Don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about a head-scratcher like Star Wars Spaghetti O's, or even lightsaber chopsticks (apparently they're not as clumsy or random as wooden ones...). And for the sake of all things right in the universe, there was nothing on the list nearly as perverted as a C-3PO tape dispenser (WTH!?).  But there was one item that I was intrigued by - the Star  starwars-merch-1Wars Band-Aid.

Not surprisingly, the item could be found among the various other branded Band-Aids (think: Frozen, Hello Kitty, and even the generic and nameless blue train ripoff). Of course, the "Collectible Tin" is what drew me in (because clearly this is what American Pickers will be searching for when they rifle through my garage in thirty years...).  The Band-Aids themselves come in a variety of sizes and characters, though it's not clear if the character on the Band-Aid is a grading system of sorts for the wound itself (i.e. Jawa=small scrape; Wampa=dial 911 immediately).

10So, clearly the question that is begging to be asked goes something like this: Do the Star Wars brand Band-Aids live up to the clear need for immediate medical attention, as documented in each of the films? To be certain, neither myself, nor anyone else on the USW Staff, was willing to purposefully lop-off a limb to test the cute little buggers. However, my four-year old daughter thinks they make great "stickers." Yes, that's right, she uses them as stickers for her art projects - which is long as she doesn't dent my Collectible Tin...



Star Wars brand Band-Aids are available at a variety of places you go everyday, typically next to the Star Wars gummi-vitamins, Star Wars bubblebath, and Star Wars toothbrush-toothpaste combo.