Out With the Old, In With the New?


by Eve

On episode 156 of the Unmistakably Star Wars’ flagship show, I was posed the question of whether or not I’d prefer new characters or more of the ones we’ve spent so much of our lives and energy with. This question, of course, came in regards to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe and its multitude of mediums flooding our content pools (mostly okay with this!).

Surprising no one who’s ever listened to my weekly droning on USW, I was the only one who voted for more stories with original characters versus diving headfirst into potential Galaxy noobs. Out of the entire pod panel, it was just lonely lil me, sitting on her Tatooine dune wanting more Luke, Vader, Han and Leia (coughs think Rey coughs). And I do want more of that core OG group, that much remains true.

But – there’s always a but – I found myself repeatedly nagged by my response to Devin’s question. So I did what any self-respecting podcaster must do in times of reflection: I examined my opinions ad nauseam that night. I sat at my desk, slid the yellow legal pad and glitter pen over and began to jot down a list of pros and cons.

I won’t share it here (because I accidentally tossed said list into the garbage) but the details of that scribble sesh aren’t all that important for the time being.

After a period of mental yes-but-what-if’s, I found myself leaning to the middle of the original question and feeling far less rigid on the possibility of wanting more in the Star Wars universe.

Because more is a GOOD thing. More characters to fall in love with, to root for and cheer on. More villains to condemn and loathe and yet wholly and completely sympathize with (some, not everyone). More adventures in space and far away worlds I’m not convinced I know how to properly spell without consulting Wookieepedia first. More friendships, relationships, heartache, heartbreak, companionship, trust, loyalty sacrifice honor truth and on and on. Just more.

At the conclusion of my list-parade, it became clear it was all about themes within Star Wars. These themes are evergreen and everlasting because they’re real and relatable to each one of us. It’s merely the delivery method and the vessels that change, as they well should. And if I remember correctly, there was a time when Luke Skywalker was a galaxy noob for me and now look where we are…

I know I’ll always love the foundational characters that George Lucas gifted us all those years ago, and that will never change. But their endings – nearly each one of them now – have begun. And friends, I’m not the type to jump ship for any reason, let alone one that sends my favorites hyper-spacing from one end of the stars to that next place, wherever it may lead them.

In the end, every sunrise has a sunset and if I war against that irrefutable truth, I’ll undoubtedly miss all the beauty that happens in between. So bring on the more and let me experience Star Wars again and again in new faces and new adventures. I think that’s what it means to be a lifer in this fandom and that’s right where I want to be.