Playing Favorites: A Conversation


Playing Favorites: A Conversation

I started this article by asking my peers at Unmistakably Star Wars who their favorite characters are in Star Wars. My intention was to find out who their favorite characters were and then pick out the annoying habits of the characters and then personify them onto the others here at USW (I know, I am such a nice person). But as it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised by the group text that took place following. Some of the responses were typical: Obi-Wan, Han Solo, Mace Windu, etc. But then the conversation took an interesting turn. And by turn, I mean it started out interestingly enough….

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As I said in the introduction. I started out writing this article as a fun way to see what your favorite characters say about you. But then my colleagues decided to take the conversation to a more serious note.  After some deep reflection and serious thought, I decided I should change my approach of the article. At this point, I’m still not sure what the approach shall be, but I’m sure I’ll bring it in for a nice landing at some point.

Playing Favorites

There are many reasons to like a character. You can admire a character’s sense of devotion, such as what Jeremy mentions with Obi-Wan or what Devin was talking about with Aunt Beru. You can look up to a character because you think the character is cool, quick-witted, or that he/she has a great story arc (like I believe with Han Solo). There are so many characters outside of the movies that hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Alejandro had introduced me to the world of Legends and the Expanded Universe a year ago, I have probably read close to 15 books since he let me borrow the Heir to the Empire trilogy. The characters that Alejandro brought up are some awesome characters, but you only really get to know them by reading books focusing on them. Darth Bane and Mace Windu have some great books about them that really allow you to understand those characters and the hero's journey, or anti-hero’s journey they are on. Cad Bane was able to out maneuver the Jedi of the republic for a while. Even some of the new characters: Ben Solo, we are in the middle of finding out who he is. This conversation is ongoing and honestly, it should be changing as you mature as a person. Earlier in life many of us were all about Luke Skywalker. But as we get older, our views change and we are able to relate to other characters. Regardless of what happens, we can all agree on one thing: Solo shot first!