Preview - Star Wars Land

The Hype: Star Wars Land

When Disney's CEO Bob Iger announced Star Wars Land at D23 2015, I, alongside Theme Park and Star Wars fans around the world, was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to visit this new planet in the Outer Rim. I couldn’t wait to pilot the Millennium Falcon, to hangout in a cantina with a glass of Blue Milk, or to fight alongside the Resistance against the First Order. As Iger talked about how this was going to be the biggest expansion in Disneyland history, how new ride technologies had to be developed for the new experiences, how guests will be able to get a drink at a cantina, and how there are going to be two of them (one in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida, and one at Disneyland Park in California), I could feel the smile on my face growing evermore. When I got back out to Disneyland, that smile returned before I even entered the park.

From the top of the parking structure, I peered into what will be Star Wars Land, and I felt like a little kid a week before Christmas. I could see how big the land is, how many people are working on it, and how much work, and waiting, there still is.

What We Know

The big thing that surprised me is how absolutely massive this Land is.  Disneyland Park spans 85 acres prior to this expansion, so this Land, with 14 acres, is nearly double the size of any other land in the park. That size means we can expect some of the most massive, detailed, and open areas that Disneyland has ever seen.

The attractions that will be in the land promise to be revolutionary. The first of which will take guests into a battle between the Resistance and the First Order, and the second promises to give guests the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon on a customized secret mission.

The dining will be equally as exciting, as we will be able to dine in a cantina (similar to Mos Eisley’s, but we haven’t seen this one yet) a dinner club, and an open air marketplace filled with creatures from all over the galaxy.

The Bottomline

Even though Star Wars Land is really just piles of dirt and a few cement walls so far, everybody was excited to get a glimpse of it as hoards of people crowded the rail atop the parking structure instead of running into the park at opening. This land promises to be big, it promises to be exciting, but most importantly of all it promises to be a new adventure in a galaxy far far away. I think it’s safe to say the hype is strong with this land.

- Cort

Photos courtesy of Cort

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