Rebels Reaction: SWCO Rebels Panel


Welcome to Rebels Reaction, the show where we react to the latest Star Wars Rebels episode. On this episode we react to the SWCO Rebels Panel.

SWCO Rebels Panel Reaction:

One Word Reactions:

  • Carl: Emotional
  • Jeremy: Bye
  • Tyler: Fun

Big 3 Moments:


  • Tia discussing how the darksaber episode was the best thing she’s done as an actor.
  • Filoni announcing Season 4 is the last season.
  • Who are the possible Mandalorians Tiya was talking about? We saw one in S4E1. Could there be others? Boba Fett?


  • Ahsoka Lives? Ahsoka Lives! Ahsoka Lives?
  • The obvious connections between the cast that looks like a family.
  • Kallus is more popular than I realized.


  • Filoni’s coyness… dude puts on a show. Both panels we saw him were great.
  • Actors talking about the growth of their characters / Freddie talking about the teachers Kanan has had.
  • S04E01 Viewing, that’s why I was there! - Setting the tone for the season/end of the show

Bottom Line:

Carl: Savor every moment left and hope that knowing the show is ending, the final episode can join the ranks of some of the great series’ finales of all time. It was great to meet other Star Wars fans and just talk to them.

Jeremy: Rebels has an opportunity to do something really special. - End a story in a way that can really have an impact on kids and adults alike.

Tyler: Rebels did not have an overwhelming presence, but the series got mentions in other panels -- Rex seemingly confirmed in ROTJ in animation origins panel -- and there was lots of cosplay, especially on Saturday. It was fun to see family buy-in and connections. I was glad to have a chance to hangout with friends and make new ones.

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