Rebels S2E5 Review: Wings of the Master


Wings of the Master The planet of Ibaar is in trouble. The Empire is flexing it's muscle and has imposed a blockade of the planet to bring them to their knees. After a failed attempt to break the blockade and bring aid to the starving people of Ibaar, Hera takes it upon herself to find Quarrie, a starship designer and engineer, who just might have a ship to break the blockade.

What Worked?

Hera! It was so refreshing to have an episode focus on someone other than Ezra and Kanan. Hera is such a refreshing character and has a wonderful moment where she explains the passion she has for flying. That moment was believable and gave a needed depth to her character.

Another aspect of the show that worked well was the starship combat. The starship that Hera ends up flying is the prototype of the B-Wing (Blade-wing) and when it enters combat in the episode it is exciting and fun to watch. If you like this aspect of Star Wars (ship to ship combat) you will appreciate this episode.

Quarrie, the architect of the B-Wing, is a fun new addition to the show. The character is named after Ralph McQuarrie, the famous concept artist of Star Wars, and has a odd personality that is both quirky and interesting. I look forward to seeing more of him in future episodes. 

What Didn’t Work?

Not much. The only problem I had with the episode is that Agent Kallus is defeated yet again. That is twice this season (5 episodes in). While he is an interesting character/villain, I am worried that the villains this season are not as threatening as the Grand Inquisitor of the first season. If the villains continue to fail, it will take away the sense of excitement from the series. I think there needs to be a rousing moment where the villains of the show succeed, which I think, in the long run will help build much needed tension to the series. My hope is that we will see that before the mid-season break.

Overall, it is a very good episode and in my opinion the best of the season so far.

4 Death Stars




4 Death Stars out of 5.