Rebels Season 2, Episode 2 Review


Review of Rebels S2E2

As the last episode came to a close there was an inevitable clash coming between Imperial forces with the Rebels and their new Clone friends. This second episode of the season doesn’t waste much time and in a few moments the Rebels and Clones are engaging three Imperial Walkers on the desert plains.

What was good?

There are several scenes in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan in 1982 that have stayed with me all of these years. Once scene in particular... the scene in the nebula where Kirk and the Enterprise are hiding from Khan and the Reliant is wonderfully suspenseful and one of the standout moments of sci-fi filmmaking in the last 30+ years. After the homage to Jaws in the last episode, I could not help but wonder if there was a similar attempt taking place in this episode of Rebels. In order to even the playing field Kanan and Rex decide to steer their Clone War era Walker into a sandstorm to hinder the three Imperial Walkers. The scene provides suspense and I enjoyed watching Kanan and Ezra using their powers to overcome the odds.

There are also some good scenes between Rex and Kanan. Kanan often seems to be wrestling with his feelings with the Clones (they killed his master. See the Kanan comic book issue #1) and whether or not he can (or should) lead. Rex’s response to Kanan provides some useful character development for both characters. Rex has the best line of the episode when he witnesses Kanan and Ezra attack one of the walkers and happily exclaims, “Just like the old days!” A wonderful moment.

A sweet moment for fans of The Clone Wars series occurred at the end of the episode when Ahsoka and Rex are reunited after many years. It was well done and not too sappy.

What didn’t work?

While most of the crew of the Ghost are on the planet with the Clones, Hera and Chopper are in orbit on the Ghost. In orbit they witness a Star Destroyer come out of hyperspace. In order to avoid detection they powered down the ship. It made no sense as to why the Star Destroyer did not investigate the Ghost and I was not sure why it was part of the story. While it was not bad, it came across as an odd story choice.

While I enjoyed the episode, I could not help but look ahead to seeing the Inquisitors. This two part arc seemed a bit too long and when I finished the episode I could not help but wonder if this storyline could not have been completed in just one episode. Is this what is to come with with a 20+ episode season?


My Rating:

3-5 Death Stars



3 ½ Death Stars out of 5