Rebels Season 2, Episode 3 Review


Always Two There Are

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

We have been waiting for these new Inquisitors since we saw the trailer for Rebels Season 2 at Star Wars Celebration in April. We finally got them in Episode 3 of this season.

What Worked?

The atmosphere.

In this episode Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb are sent to an abandoned Clone War Era Medical Station to retrieve much needed medical supplies. At the last minute Ezra joins the mission to escape the constant bickering between Rex and Kanan. The way the Medical Station is portrayed is delightfully creepy. There are no lights, ruined hallways, and a potential scare around every corner. The atmosphere helps with what might have been a less than stellar episode (we will get to that in a moment).

Information revealed.

Through conversations between Ezra and one of the Inquisitors we are give some delightful tidbits that expands the Galaxy of Star Wars. Apparently there are multiple Inquisitors, the Inquisitor from the previous season was the Grand Inquisitor and with his demise the others are vying for his position. Also, the Inquisitors are awake of Ahsoka Tano and are actively seeking her.

What didn’t work?


I would not say there is anything “bad” about the episode, but I did have some concerns. The first is that I did not find the Inquisitors as intimidating as I was hoping. Obviously this is a kids show, but I felt that with the Grand Inquisitor there was a menace that was lacking with the newest Inquisitors. I am curious how these new villains will develop over the course of the season.

During the episode we watched the two Inquisitors “fail” at capturing their prey. I wonder, if the Inquisitors succeeded in some respects how that would have set up the season? If the youngest (Ezra and Sabine) can escape the Inquisitors then what will happen when they go up against the more seasoned Rebels (Kanan and Ahsoka)?  

It is just one episode though and a lot can happen in the development of the antagonists. I am concerned though that we might need Vader back on screen sooner than later to help usher back in the fear and menace we experienced in Season 1 and in the “Siege of Lothal” episodes. Time will tell.

Overall the episode has an excellent setting and compelling information but the villains are not as compelling (yet) like the Grand Inquisitor of the 1st Season.

Rating: 3-5 Death Stars

3 ½ Death Stars out of 5