Reflections On The Death Of Ki-Adi-Mundi


Reflections On The Death Of Ki-Adi-Mundi

One single moment.

What does it take to stand united? What does it take to lead? Everything. Ki-Adi-Mundi stood united. A Jedi Master for years he sat on the Jedi Council. Keeper of the Republic, of the Peace, and of the Force. The Force is as it wills life, but for over a century the Jedi have kept the peace. Kept the Force in check. Lost in a sea of ignorance. But they had their peace. Until the Clone War broke out.

Like a herd of stampeding gundarks, the war came swiftly upon the Republic. Worlds abandoned the Republic. Called it corrupt. Called the Jedi corrupt. Tainted! How can the Jedi and Republic be wrong if all they want was peace? They did not rule by fear. They spoke of unity! Prosperity! All while waving their laser swords of death, and being surrounded by an army of white reapers. Brothers they called each other. Clones they were.


The goal of the Republic was simple during the war. Keep the war machine fueled, sustain the production of clones flowing, and continue discovering new hyperspace routes. New planets to occupy… To protect from the droids… Droids originally built to protect the Trade Federation from pirates, thieves, and scoundrels.

Now those droids are built stronger and faster to face the intense threat of the clones! Replicated human beings. Programmed at birth to step in line. Do their duty. Quench the thirst of the Jedi to spread their will across the galaxy. It was not enough that they went around testing all the babies for their midichlorian count! Promising their families that the right decision is the Force, and the Force orders their children. Children to be brainwashed. To grow up in one line of thinking. To teach younger beings than themselves the same lessons. “This lightsaber is your life.” War is their life.


Originally the planet Mygeeto was home to the Lurmen until the Separatists arrived. Driven from their world they went into exile to the planet Maridun. There they were free. Free from tyranny. Free from the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Well, until the Jedi trampled into their lives. Soon the Separatists came and tried to destroy their new village. In the end, the Jedi helped the Lurmen survive. Only after the Lurmen gave into violence. Gave in to the unscrupulous war. They never went back to Mygeeto. They didn’t need to. The war came to them.

Don’t look back

Ki-Adi-Mundi knew the cost of liberation. All those years of servitude to the Republic. The peaceful resolutions after the hum of his blade cut down the opposition. After taking back the planet of Mygeeto twice from the Separatists, the Republic was back again to claim their prize. Ki-Adi-Mundi was there. Rubble. Dirt. Ruin. The planet was frigid. Like a dead carcass half decayed laying in the snow, the planet was nothing but a war zone. A world lost of its beauty. It’s peace. What a fitting burial ground to delusional followers of the Republic. Of the Jedi! Leading the charge into battle, Ki-Adi-Mundi was confident in his men. His clone troopers. He showed no fear. He ran ahead. Behind him, the footsteps stopped. Only sounds of explosions and blasters cocking could be heard.


He was just trying to be brave. Commander Bacara and the other clone troopers Ki-Adi-Mundi was leading stared at their Jedi target. Lowering his blade, Ki-Adi-Mundi turns around. Ki-Adi-Mundi looks left. He looks right. He peers directly into the clone’s helmets. Feels their energy through the Force. He does not feel fear. He does not feel hate. Only cold calculated determination. The only warmth Ki-Adi-Mundi would feel was the searing pain of blaster bolts piercing his body. In one moment did Ki-Adi-Mundi realize that he messed up? That the Jedi screwed up? Yoda was right. The only path the Jedi were on was to end the war before the trap was sprung. Only that time had come.