Review - Season of the Force


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Review - Star Wars Season of the Force

Tomorrowland has been, and probably always will be, my favorite land in Disneyland, so when I (finally) got back out to Disneyland, I couldn’t wait to step foot in it. Tomorrowland is usually my first stop of the day, and this trip was no different, except, instead of walking down Main Street USA like I normally do, this time I ran. It was my first time in Disneyland since Star Wars Season of the Force had arrived, and I couldn’t wait to experience it.

The Overview:

Season of the Force is a Star Wars themed layover of Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park: providing exclusive experiences that guests can’t get anywhere else. From battling the First Order on Jakku, to meeting Kylo Ren and Chewbacca, to flying an X-Wing into battle, to seeing models of the Millennium Falcon and Tantive IV, there are plenty of new adventures to be had.

What Works:

The overall atmosphere was perfect, banners of Star Wars characters lined the old Peoplemover track with the Light Side on the right and Dark Side on the left, John Williams’ beautiful score from every film (except The Force Awakens) filled the air. The atmosphere felt completely different, and I loved it.

The Star Wars Launch Bay is filled with film props, costumes, starship models, and has a few character meet-and-greets, including one with Kylo Ren aboard a First Order Cruiser and one with Chewbacca in a makeshift Resistance Base.

Cort and KyloThere’s even a cantina area where you might run into a certain bounty hunter. There are also many collectables you can buy here including some Anovos merchandise. I could’ve spent hours in the Launch Bay exploring everything and enjoying the atmosphere.

I absolutely loved the new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue destination. Flying through Jakku, helping Finn fight the First Order while flying through a few downed Imperial Star Destroyers, felt like the perfect fit for this attraction.

My favorite part of Season of The Force by far is Hyperspace Mountain. Hyperspace Mountain is a Star Wars layover of Space Mountain where you launch into hyperspace to a battle over Jakku and assist in the fight against the Empire. There are projection and lighting effects as well as the Star Wars soundtrack throughout the entire ride. I would like to see this become a regular overlay and can’t wait to ride it again.Hyperspace Mountain sign

What Doesn't Work:

I was blown away by Season of the Force at Disneyland, and I only have a few complaints. The first is the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi film that is shown in the Magic Eye Theater right in front of Hyperspace Mountain. My biggest gripe with it is that, when it comes down to it, it’s a 15 minute trailer for the entire Star Wars Saga with more wipe transitions than Episode 2. While I enjoyed the film (because it’s Star Wars, and Star Wars in a theme park is always enjoyable), I didn’t feel as though it added much to the layover, and it felt like a last minute add-on to the project.Path of the Jedi Sign

My second issue with the layover is that the “exclusive” food really isn’t anything that special. Maybe it was the fact that the food isn’t that different from the rest of the park, as it’s just an assortment of burgers, albeit with a black bun, and chicken sandwiches wrapped in Star Wars foil; maybe it was the blue milk bread that didn’t actually taste any different than regular bread; or maybe it was the fact that there was no blue milk on the menu.  Regardless the food was nothing impressive.

My last issue with Season of the Force is that it didn’t have enough to it. I thoroughly enjoyed most of what was included, but I still felt like something was missing. While this layover was only supposed to go until early summer and has been extended indefinitely (some rumours are saying until Star Wars Land opens up), I feel like something needs to be added to give it that extra push. Whether that is in the form of more characters walking around, or additional meet-and-greets (I’d love to meet Rey or Finn, or see C3P0 walking around), or a different movie experience in the Magic Eye Theater, something needs to change to keep guests excited for what’s coming to Star Wars Land.

The Verdict:

Star Wars Season of the Force is a great blend of Star Wars and Tomorrowland: sticking with the theme of a futuristic port, while bringing in Star Wars elements in a fashion that gets fans excited for a new land, as well as new and exciting experiences. There are a few things that need fixed and added, but they don’t hinder the overall experience. Star Wars Season of the Force deserves 4.5 Death Stars out of 5: it’s enough to make Tomorrowland feel fresh, and it is a must-see for any and all Star Wars fans. It’s a fantastic layover, and I will definitely be visiting again soon.


4-5 Death Stars



4.5 out of 5 Death Stars