My Rogue One Experience Sucked!


My Rogue One Experience Sucked!

Rogue One Sucked... My experience at the theater anyways...

If you were looking for someone who truly hated the movie, this isn't the article you're looking for. I loved the movie. My colleagues here at USW saw the movie the night before I did. They were kind enough to tell me I'd love it without giving anything away. They were right.

My experience with the movie was pretty much ruined by the guy sitting next to me. No, Sam, not you. (My brother-in-law saw it with me. He was just as excited as I was.) What ruined it was the unnamed person to my left. You were there with two of your friends. When you sat down we acknowledged each other since we were going to be sharing an armrest for the next two onus hours. Little did I know that once the movie started I would want to not only shove your arm off the rest but, like a Wookiee, rip it out of your socket and beat you with it.

I'm all for people cheering for movies and clapping at the beginning because it's exciting. Whooping and yelling when you see the main character or an iconic piece to the puzzle (The falcon in the Force Awakens). But my man, you were over the top.

Once I noticed that you initiated the clapping once A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. Came on the screen it was going to be a long night.  Normally with the first screening of any Star Wars movie that is a good thing. Not tonight my friend, not tonight.

There is audience laughter at the appropriate time with the appropriate volume. Then there is you. The smallest, almost non-jokes, you were cackling loud and obnoxiously. At the good jokes, you were even louder.

You were cheering during the most random parts of the movie. Almost to let us all know you were still there. I'm pretty sure I spent almost the same amount of time looking over and glaring at you as I did watching the movie. I don't know if you are just some dramatic guy who has to be the loudest most preposterous person everywhere you go. But you succeeded.

Even when we saw Vader, and he showed some of his character, you were there to remind us this experience must include you.

It was like you wanted all to know that you were enjoying the movie more than everyone else. Like it was a competition. Well, guess what, we all lost.