Star Wars Go!


Star Wars Go!

Pokemon Go is so 10 minutes ago. I have moved on to bigger and better things: Star Wars Go! It’s pretty exclusive…

Anyway, here is my review of Star Wars Go!

Star Wars Go is similar to Pokemon Go but has obvious difference. It has the same basic premise of traveling around (literally) to find different species in the Star Wars galaxy. However, there are several primary objectives.

Star Wars Go Objectives

The first primary objective is to fill up your cantina. To do so, you must collect or ‘capture’ different species around your geographic location. The more you collect, the more money your cantina will make. Different species will provide different contributions to your general funds (Twelieks drink pretty heavily as opposed to Ewoks). The more you collect and add to your cantina, the more you will earn money. With that money, you fund two other projects: your fleet, and your army. Yes, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars game unless you had to fight someone.

For your fleet, you want to acquire various ships with different capabilities to complete missions or dogfight with your friends. As you are traveling around collecting life forms, you can also collect ship parts and sometimes even find whole ships. If you can’t find any, you can just buy the parts or a ship at the spaceport. Then, when you acquire a ship, you can build on it further to boost its stats and capabilities.

The space missions are a blast. You can pick up to four ships to outfit your squad for battles, reconnaissance or security missions, or galactic races.

What You Need For GO

For your army, you need: weapons, armor, personnel, and supplies. All of which can be either found or purchased at a shop. Just like your ships, your weapons and armor can be upgraded, so look out for specially marked packages.

Army missions act as a type of extension of the space battles. You can battle with another squad, go on secret missions, or guard precious cargo transports.

Once you collect your characters, ships, or supplies, you incorporate them into your game to be the most successful private army in the galaxy. Just think if Dexter’s Diner had its own army. Well, now you can image how private armies could influence the fate of the galaxy.

The latest update allows you to build multiple cantinas to increase your earnings! But, in order to earn more, you need more customers, which means more time walking around with Pokemon people!

And lastly, wow… those graphics… it’s like looking at real life through a phone.

Okay, so this game is not real. But if it were, I’d play. Would you?

(Lucasfilm, you can contact me here at the site if you want any help with development).