Star Wars Love Themes: 2017 Edition


The inevitable “love is in the air” scent permeates across the month of February as Valentine's Day approaches. What better way to swoon the love of your life than to play these Star Wars love themes!

“Han Solo and the Princess”

First heard in Empire Strikes Back (found here) is the love theme between Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. One a pirate and the other a former Senator, who is a current leader of the Rebel Alliance. Two polar opposite people coming together in such perilous times. This romantic pair caused many people to unfairly compare their future relationships to these characters. The theme itself includes a bit of Vader in it as well to hint at things to come…

“Across the Stars”

First heard in Attack of the Clones (found here) is the love theme between Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala. This sweeping theme is both a love song to two souls coming together at their alleged death bed, but also a fierce fire of a passionate relationship built on lies. Two people fallen victim to decisions in their lives through fear and anxiety. A chilling theme that is both beautiful and haunting.

“Obi-Wan and Satine”

First heard in the TV series The Clone Wars (found here) is the love theme between Mandalorian Duchess Satine Kryze and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. This relationship is an inversion of Anakin and Padmé, because at the end of the day Satine and Obi-Wan chose to not stay together. Not that they didn't want to. No, they chose to stay on their destined path. How cruel they would cross paths again in the Clone War. How cut short their reunion was. The theme sounds of longing, for what could have been...

“Kanan and Hera”

First heard in the TV series Rebels (found here) is the love theme between former Jedi turned gunslinger Kanan Jarrus and rebel pilot and leader Hera Syndulla. Though not officially (totally official) a couple (they are “space married”), their bond is strong. Hera even risked her life, and her mission to save the life of (her space husband) Kanan in season one of Rebels! The spark of their love is there, but both are focused on the bigger picture. They must stop the Empire, or there is no future. This theme is a slow beautiful melody that has a tiny bit of hope.

“When Has Become Now”

First heard in Rogue One (found here) is the love theme between Director Orson Krennic and his ultimate jewel, the Death Star! Nothing or no one can pull apart those two as the Death Star is about to be finally ready, with it’s planet killing weapon. Such immeasurable power surges between the Death Star and Orson’s love of his battle station! The theme does a beautiful job of capturing Orson’s peacock like strut, and the blending of the Death Star leitmotif first heard in A New Hope.


“Journey to the Stars”

This song is technically a Star Wars inspired love theme piece of music composed by Tom Ameen (found here). How I interpret this wonderful melody is an unofficial official love theme between Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell! First introduced in the novel Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, Ciena and Thane grew up together on the planet Jelucan, joined the Empire together, and fell in love. Except life would not end up all sunshine and rainbows, as Thane defects to the Rebellion. Now two lost stars must face hard decisions as their paths intertwine during the events of the original trilogy. This piece of music just feels like it was destined, for them.