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Why We Love Star Wars: An Interview with Ken Napzok

It’s true - all of it! Regardless of one’s age, Star Wars - whether in celluloid, written, or collectable form - has a history of igniting imaginations and creating a life-long love affair with its characters, stories, and themes. On this episode, Jeremy Scott sits down with author and fellow Star Wars podcaster, Ken Napzok, to discuss Ken’s new book, Why We Love Star Wars. Listen to the full interview here.

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Book Review: The Wrath of Darth Maul (Legends)

There are moments in life that offer reflection. In high school I took the leap to volunteer as a counselor in the Outdoor School program to teach science, and be responsible for a select number of middle schoolers for 5 days (last time I checked the program was cut to three days). As an introvert with a social anxiety problem, I struggled to get through my duties. During my first time as a counselor I did have one of counselor high schooler, and together we did okay at our job. It was a total one head of a snake not talking to the other.

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Book Review - Thrawn: Alliances

Many years ago, when I was working my first job at a pizza restaurant, one of my duties was to place door hangers door to door throughout various nearby neighborhoods to advertise our company. For the most part the experience was not memorable at all. Place coupon on door. Move to next house. Avoid animals, humans, and “no soliciting” signs. Rinse and repeat.

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