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A Drop of Wisdom from Yoda

The past two months, I kind of stepped away from Star one really knew that until now.  This is unusual for me because December is the"anniversary"of when I fell in love with Star Wars, but life happened and I did not have that desire to get excited about this fandom.  I did manage to film a video for a future article.  I just have to edit it.  I also bought a Star Wars book that I plan to review.  I can definitely say that it is my favorite Star Wars book, ever…just saying.

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Thank You, Ciena Ree

On July 18, 2017 I asked the Fangirls Going Rogue Facebook chat if I should I read Bloodline or Rebel Rising as my first Star Wars book.  I was, overwhelmingly, told to read Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. I was hooked after reading the summary on the back page. I remember thinking that it was (and honestly it still is) the best book ever. Romance. Action. Star Wars.

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The Star Wars Young Adult Novels

Don't be afraid. Below are amazing stories discussed herein. Beware anyone that ever tells you to avoid a story, because of the genre, type of story, characters, the writing style, etc.

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