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Who Is Star Wars Geared Towards?  It Depends Greatly On Your Own Point Of View!

Since the release of The Last Jedi in December of 2017, we, as Star Wars fans, have experienced a variety of reactions to the direction that Rian Johnson, and Disney as a whole, has taken the Star Wars saga.  I, for one, loved TLJ and feel like it was a refreshing new story line that brought a new light to the Star Wars galaxy, and I can’t wait to see how Abrams concludes the Skywalker saga.  

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Is Star Wars Secretly The Wizard of Oz?

Long story short, I am a huge fan and I probably know way too much information for the average person.  The reason why I was so excited to research this was because when it comes to Star Wars, I love studying character development or psychological aspects.  I never really pay attention to theories, up and coming discussions, or heavily debated topics.  The fact that there was a theory that caught my eye and piqued my interested, was pretty exciting.

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