Taking An RPG Too Seriously?


Taking An RPG Too Seriously?

We are about to embark on another Star Wars RPG venture using Edge of the Empire. While I have a moderate experience with RPGs in video game format, the dice, players, game master, and realistic situations and thinking is still new to me. It is in its newness that I become lost.

Choosing a Character

“Alex... Alex…. Hello?.... Hey! What are you doing?” said my wife the other day. I was reading up on building a character for EOE and was quite lost in thought. Literally, I was trying to think about what I was thinking about. I was in a quandary of picking which character I should be when I came to realize my motives for choosing a character set (I’m still considering a Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer or Exile Force user). Earlier, I had texted me bookie, Jeremy, asking which other character types had already been picked. I realized in that moment, when my wife was trying to get my attention, that this, RPGing, was not a game to me.  At least, I wasn’t approaching it as a game.

I was approaching it as a mission in which all characters needed a variety of skills that differentiated from one another in order to overcome whatever the GM threw at us. It was an intense battle of wits, gear, and randomized triumphs or failures determined by multi-colored dice.

I was informed that attackers (i.e. the fun jobs) had already been chosen. So I was looking more for a character with a tech, machine, or knowledge background. As I was trying to select the best career, specialization, and additional talent trees, I was becoming aware of my own apprehension to pick a character set that I had already been and didn’t always enjoy. Then I thought, why am I setting up my end of the game in such a manner that it would cause me to not have FUN… while playing a GAME. It’s almost like meeting up with Jar-Jar for coffee to just ‘catch up’.

With that thought, I closed my computer and played Lego: The Hobbit with my wife.

Star Wars RPG Motivation

That being said, it is important to understand the motivation. By that, I mean the motivation that drives us Star Wars followers to be the followers we are. For me, it is a fantastic escape from reality that still deals with issues of our reality (while reading Bloodline I thought I was reading up on our current congress). It also creates an outlet for me to think critically creatively. It has been the entry point to several friendships that I would otherwise not be blessed with. It is a large part of my childhood. To me, it’s like an old friend.

So, when I get that call that we are playing EOE, I can remember my old friend, why we are friends, and enjoy its company (as an Exiled force user… decision is final).