The Clone Wars: The Betrayed


TV shows are a double edged sword. They can spend the time to let characters grow, but the time investment can be absolute killer. If you have never seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and would like to learn more about four amazing characters, I have designed a binge watching marathon that cuts straight to key moments in their story from the show. These four characters are Ahsoka Tano, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, and Asajj Ventress AKA the Betrayed.

What is great about The Clone Wars is that each episode is like a mini movie. Being designed that way you will get an intro of events going into each episode. Starting out in this episode guide the episodes will be coming from different directions, but as you get towards the end of the marathon all points will converge. If you are on the fence for time, the total runtime of this marathon is 352 minutes, which is less than six hours long. For comparison, the runtime of marathoning the Star Wars original trilogy is 377 minutes. I will even break up the list into three sections if you want to take a break between sets, or you could start and stop at any time.

**The episode summaries or comments will have spoilers, but I tried to limit them as best as possible.**


Hidden Enemy: Season 1 Episode 16

This episode is set before The Clone Wars movie, so Ahsoka Tano has not been introduced into the TV show yet. What is great about this episode is we get to see the first canon onscreen appearance to Asajj Ventress, who is a Sith Assassin working for Count Dooku aka Darth Tyranus. It is optional to watch The Clone Wars movie if you have never seen the show before to see how Ahsoka was introduced to Anakin as his Padawan. I had excluded it only because of time.

Cloak of Darkness: Season 1 Episode 9

This episode takes place in the middle of a story arc, after Nute Gunray had been captured by Padmé Amidala. Asajj Ventress returns, and we are introduced to Luminara Unduli and Ahsoka Tano in this episode. You do not get to see Ahsoka and Anakin work together, but will see how Jedi Apprentice Ahsoka applies the lessons taught to her by her Master Anakin Skywalker.

Weapons Factory: Season 2 Episode 6

This episode skips past the initial second invasion of Geonosis as the Republic attempt to go after a new secret weapons factory being built. This episode is the introduction of Jedi Apprentice Barriss Offee in this marathon. The majority of the episode is pairing off the two apprentices Ahsoka and Barriss on a mission, while their masters Anakin and Luminara are off on a different mission. The beauty of this episode is seeing how the Jedi teachers and students get a chance to compare and contrast each other’s methods. Plus, Luminara drops a huge truth bomb on Anakin about needing to learn how to let go.

Legacy of Terror Season 2 Episode 7

Continuing the story arc of Geonosis, this episode focuses on Luminara chasing after the Geonosian leader Poggle the Lesser, and Anakin and Obi-Wan chasing after her, when she loses communication. Throw in some worm infecting zombies in the mix, and this is a wild ride of an episode.

Brain Invaders Season 2 Episode 8

Speaking of wild ride… After Anakin, Luminara, and the Jedi go to take the now captured Poggle to prison, Ahsoka and Barriss get to go on the boring ship ride to take back some medical supplies… Except what caused the Geonosians to become zombies now is affecting the clones, and it is up to Barriss and Ahsoka to solve the mystery before they all become infected. We also get to see what Anakin is really made of, when he searches for a way to save his apprentice. There is also a callback to the “Hidden Enemy” episode, which I found to be great. I really liked the moments between Barriss and Ahsoka just interacting outside of battle.


Nightsisters Season 3 Episode 12

Asajj returns! Except, the time has come, where Darth Sidious has ultimately became weary of Dooku’s assassin Asajj Ventress, and decided she was now considered a threat. Choosing his loyalty to his master, Dooku orders the death of Asajj Ventress. From here we go on a journey of Asajj nearly escaping death and being reborn.

Monster Season 3 Episode 13

In Asajj Ventress’ rebirth into rejoining the Nightsisters of Dathomir, and her failed stealth assassination of Count Dooku, a plan has emerged. Cut from the same lineage of Maul, we meet his brother Savage Opress, who will become a sleeper assassin to betray Dooku once Savage gains Dooku’s confidence.

Witches of the Mist Season 3 Episode 14

With the introduction of Savage Opress, Count Dooku has set forth in motion events that have been made aware of to the Jedi. In this episode we have Anakin/Obi-Wan, Asajj, and Savage/Dooku converging together in an unexpected showdown that will set in motion dire consequences to the Nightsisters of Dathomir.

Padawan Lost Season 3 Episode 21

But what about Ahsoka? This episode rips Ahsoka Tano out of her safety net, with the Republic and into the hands of Trandoshan hunters that kidnapped her, imprisoned her on a moon, and seek to hunt her and other prey for sport. Tasked with only her training, and assistance from other Jedi youngling survivors, they must somehow defend themselves from being murdered.

Wookiee Hunt Season 3 Episode 22

To fight is to lose, but the survivors must do what they can to survive. An unexpected character is introduced in this episode, who helps Ahsoka and the surviving Jedi younglings work together to find a way to get off this moon, and call for help. What is great about these two episodes is that we see how far Ahsoka’s training has gone, with adapting to new situations. Plus, we see how much of a leader she has become in such a short time. We also see how losing Ahsoka affects Anakin, and how he deals, with the helplessness.

Massacre Season 4 Episode 19

To say Dooku and Sidious were angry at the Nightsisters of Dathomir would be an understatement. After two failed assassinations of Count Dooku, the Sith go on the attack, and send General Grievous with his droid soldiers to wipe out the growing threat. Asajj does all she can to win, but sometimes the enemy does not fight fair. As with all the Nightsister storylines, it can get really heavy, really fast.


Bounty Season 4 Episode 20

The loss of the Nightsisters of Dathomir was terrible, but has given Asajj Ventress an opportunity to be reborn yet again! After saying goodbye to Mother Talzin, leader of the Nightsisters, Asajj goes to Tatooine, and gets wrapped up into a bounty hunter job. Even after all the misfortune and cruelty, we see who Asajj is truly made of in this episode.

Sabotage Season 5 Episode 17

In this episode Ahsoka and Anakin are at their peak working together. However, the unthinkable happens. The Jedi Temple was attacked! Now it is up to Snips and Skyguy to uncover the mystery. The growing tensions of the war and the public perception of the Jedi are displayed in this episode, where citizens of the Republic just want the war to end.

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much Season 5 Episode 18

Now that the bomber has been found, the answer as to why is yet to be revealed. Growing tensions between the Jedi Order and the Republic military rise, as Ahsoka attempts to find out the truth. Barriss Offee appears briefly in this episode, and we get to see how the aftermath of the bombing is affecting her. Though, things are not as they appear, and Ahsoka is put on a path she did not see coming.

To Catch a Jedi Season 5 Episode 19

This episode focuses on Ahsoka facing a foe she never anticipated ever having to fight-- The Republic!? Framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka is on the run, as she reaches out to the only Jedi she can trust: Barriss Offee. Time is not on Ahsoka’s side as must figure out the real culprit to this mystery. Meanwhile, the Republic is not the only one hunting Ahsoka, when she runs into a former foe now turned bounty hunter…

The Wrong Jedi Season 5 Episode 20

The end is the beginning is the end. In this episode we learn the true hidden enemy. Ahsoka has been captured and is set to face the judgement of the Republic. As the Jedi Order and Republic turn away from Ahsoka Tano, who will be the one to find out the truth? In this episode we again see Asajj Ventress and Barriss Offee. All these episodes in this marathon have led to this moment. Whether you have followed the whole TV series up to this point or these select episodes, this one episode is Ahsoka’s shatterpoint, and it is just a Force push to the heart. In the end we get to see what happens to these characters, when they have been betrayed...

If you have watched this The Clone Wars marathon, let us know your thoughts! If you would like to watch more The Clone Wars or Rebels marathons that I have created, search “marathon” on this website! If you enjoyed The Betrayed marathon, share it with others. I keep going back to these episodes all the time. They do get really heavy at times, but there is so much great storytelling combined together.  I like how all the episodes will intertwine into this overarching story. And if you like these episodes, there are so many other great ones that I had not listed in here due to time.

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