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One year ago today, July 27, 2016, after back and forth direct messaging the creators of Unmistakably Star Wars, my first article got posted. I officially became a blogger! To me writing these articles have allowed me to focus my thoughts in the fandom, and hopefully present a different perspective. Or simply create more opportunities to invite new questions. In addition, I wanted to highlight select pieces of fandom, in order to guide new followers of the fandom. There is so much Star Wars content it can be daunting to know where to jump in. There is no wrong way, but if others are like me, a guide is helpful. I want to thank Devin Kleffer, Tyler Sharp, and Jeremy Scott, for being so receptive to me, and allowing me to share my thoughts on their site! I did not expect to get this opportunity to be able to add to the Star Wars community. Previously, I used to post on Reddit, which can become so toxic, and I had to second guess my thoughts. Later on after listening to a ton of Star Wars podcasts, reading blog posts from the Star Wars main site and fan sites, and discussions on Twitter about Star Wars, I wanted to find a way to participate in the fandom. I reached out to a couple podcasters for advice. They were so helpful, with their time and responses; however, I was not ready. I kept on refining my focus on how I would want to approach my writing. Always looking to find a way to shift my perspective, and work on critical thinking. Then I got offered to write an article, for Unmistakably Star Wars. Thinking back, they did not even know what I had in mind, for my first article. They were just so positive that I would have a great idea! Little did they know that I would continue to contribute so much.

Below I will highlight a few pieces of my work from the last year. I still have a long way to go, before my writing improves. Maybe one day my writing will be as good as Amy Wishman. Her writing style and perspective is truly inspiring! Plus, I am thankful for so many wonderful Star Wars authors that have been an inspiration to me. They include: Janine K. Spendlove, Delilah S. Dawson, Chuck Wendig, Claudia Gray, Jason Fry, Beth Revis, Christie Golden, and so many more! In addition, I have learned so much from listening to these podcasters: Tricia/Sarah/Teresa/Sandra from Fangirls Going Rogue, Bryan/Bobby/Amy/Mike/Holly from Full of Sith, Swara/Stephen from Beltway Banthas, Pranks from Never Tell Me the Pods, Becca/Mark from Tarkin’s Top Shelf, Jason/Gabe from Blast Points, Johnamarie/Maria from Rebels Chat, Joey/Chris from Brews and Blasters, Nanci/Brian from Tosche Station Radio, and so many more! Of course, all the guest hosts on Unmistakably Star Wars have been amazing! I am so glad that there has become a wide amount of contributors, because it allows different points of views to be heard. If I left anyone out it was not intentional. There are just so many great people in the Star Wars community!

Ten of my articles from last year:


The Musical Diversity Of Ezra’s Theme

The article that started it all! I kept hearing Ezra’s theme throughout the show that I had to highlight the times it was used in the first episode of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion.

New Republic: Year One

This was my first reading guide, and was a ton of fun to put together. I will be revising it later, with a new set of paint. It is such a fun set of stories that go from the Battle of Endor to the Battle of Jakku!

The Other Side of Rebels: Season One

The first season of Star Wars Rebels was shorter compared to seasons 2 and 3. This guide offered up the novels and comics that created a fuller season. I really enjoyed the Servants of the Empire series and Kanan comic!

Give Unkar Plutt A Hand: Adaptations in a Post-Canon World

This article was my attempt at clarifying the confusion of adaptations, and how they fit into canon. I found out later on the title was a little hilarious grammar-wise, but we all learn from our mistakes. I do like how adaptations add to the story, with their own artifacts of the medium, and have learned to not let canonicity take over my enjoyment.

Domino Squad: A Clone Wars Marathon

Out of all the marathon guides, this one holds a special spot. Not only because it is a sad story (it’s really sad), but because it was one of my early The Clone Wars marathons I tried piecing together. I have more that I am organizing as there is so many episodes to choose from!

Unlocking the Melody: Mirrorbright

This article took me awhile to piece together, and it cuts in deep to my appreciation to Claudia Gray, Carrie Fisher, and the character of Leia Organa. On top of that it increased my appreciation to Breha and Bail Organa. I can only imagine how many feelings the YA Princess of Alderaan novel will give me!

Journey to The Force Awakens: A Reading Guide

This guide picked up on the timeline where New Republic: Year One left off. I still enjoy The Force Awakens, but can understand the fallback JJ Abrams took to lean more on the familiar. This reading guide brought in so many new story elements to the sequel trilogy that helped me appreciate The Force Awakens even more!

Review – Star Wars: Inbrief

This short story was such a delight to read, and I hope Janine K. Spendlove is able to one day write a Star Wars novel! The additional character motivation of Brand made it so much clearer, as I read through Battlefront: Twilight Company again.

Understanding Jar Jar

It took me a long time to change my focus on how to look at all the characters on a different level. One of the characters was Jar Jar Binks. The more I learned about the character, and the good natured heart he had, the more I found I connected to him. There is so much to learn from his character. Especially, when it comes to understanding one's prejudice to meeting new people, and looking past initial judgement, when personalities clash.

Reflections On Han Solo in The Force Awakens

This article was my way at the time of trying to articulate the path Han Solo took on his way of bringing his son back home. I took as much released material to piece together his thought process. I also had a song in the back of my head that led me to believe Han Solo knew it may be one way trip. Matching songs to characters gives me a way to connect to a character. Sometimes it fits so well. Sometimes not.

Moving forward I have a lot of ideas down the pipeline that I hope to share with you all! Thank you to everyone for reading my work, and hopefully I will create articles that you enjoy! You can find me on social media on Twitter @SpearXXI!