The Force Awakens: Top 5 Questions We Want Answered


I really enjoyed The Force Awakens. The film did a great job introducing a whole new generation to the Star Wars galaxy and for many it was a return to the spirit of the Original Trilogy. As the credits rolled, it did not take long for me to start to reflect on the film and before I knew it I had a slew of questions that I needed answers to. Here are my top 5 questions that I want answered when Episode 8 hits the theater in a year and a half: WARNING SPOILERS (stop reading now if you have not seen The Force Awakens)




What has happened to the New Republic?

In the film we see Starkiller Base fire on the planet of Hosnian Prime, where the Senate is located. Along with Hosinan Prime, several other planets and moons appear to be destroyed. Is the Senate gone? Is the New Republic destroyed? From what I can tell that seems to be the case. So it is going to be interesting to see what fills the void. I would assume it is going to be The First Order (although they took a hit with the destruction of Starkiller Base).



Who exactly are the Knights of Ren?

We obviously know that Kylo Ren is the head of the Knights, but is he the only Force user among them? Are the others trained in the dark side? Is Supreme Leader Snoke their master? We get a brief glimpse of them in the flashback/flash forward sequence in Maz Kanata’s castle. When the film ended I could not help but to want to see more of them. Time will tell and I hope to see them show up in the next Episode of the Saga.



How did the Lightsaber of Luke and Anakin end up in the possession of Maz Kanata?

She is asked that very question in The Force Awakens, but her response is that the answer will have to wait for “another time.” The last time we saw the saber it was on Cloud City as Darth Vader cut off his son’s hand (and the famous saber with it). Will Luke take it back? Will he give it to Rey? I am looking forward to finding out this mystery.



Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

Many fans think it is Darth Plagueis, who was the Master of Emperor Palpatine. Snoke appears to have been severely wounded by someone or something. Was it Palpatine, who had told Anakin in Episode 3 that Plagueis has been killed by his apprentice (whom we assume was Palpatine)? Or is the character of Snoke someone else entirely? Where is Snoke from? How did he seduce Ben Solo? Snoke fascinates me and I hope that these answers come to light sooner rather than later.



Who is Rey?

I personally want her to be Luke’s daughter, but I understand that might not serve the story. With Kathleen Kennedy's statement that the Saga films are about the Skywalkers, then it makes some sense to me that Rey could be Luke’s daughter? It is apparent that Rey is a prodigy when it comes to using the force (which runs in the Skywalker family). On the other hand it would be very interesting to see another family appear in the story. Way back in the early days of Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars there was a rumor floating around the net that Rey was somehow related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Maybe a great niece? No matter how I twist and turn it I still feel that Luke is Rey’s father. If so, does Luke know? Why was Rey dropped on Jakku? Was she taken from Luke? If Luke is the father then who is the mother? So many questions about Rey.

  So there you go. What are your top questions? What do you think the answers are to my questions? Let's speculate, because that is half of the fun of Star Wars.