Top 5 Moments from the Marvel Comics (so far)


Top 5 Moments from the Marvel Comics (so far)

In January of 2015, Marvel comics obtained the license to publish Star Wars comics again. For the most part, we have received some amazing new stories in a galaxy far, far away. As we look back over the past 2 years we decided to compile a list of the Top 5 moments from this new  run of Marvel Star Wars comics.

Warning. Spoilers Ahead

#5 - Vader regains his positionVader #25

At the end of Darth Vader #25 we see how Vader fought, clawed, schemed, and murdered his way back into the good graces of the Emperor. In a true villainous sequence we see the Emperor reinstate Vader, followed by Vader shoving Aphra out the airlock, and then force choking Tagge. Vader is back in a sense and ready to go find his son.  

#4 - Obi-Wan returns! Star Wars #7, #15, & #20Obi-Wan in Star Wars #7

In a clever storytelling move, Luke discovers the journals of Obi-Wan. Now between every main story arc, we get a moment to see Obi-Wan and explore what the years on Tatooine were like for the Jedi Master. The stories have been memorable, fun, and something that many fans of the comics clamor for. But it was issue #7 that started it all and that moment was special to many fans (this one included).

#3 - The impending heartbreak at the end of Kanan #1Kanan #1

Kanan was one of the biggest surprises in the world of Star Wars comics. While some might have questioned why Marvel wanted to do a Kanan comic, the answer came at the end of the first issue. The answer was that readers were about to go on a special ride. A Statement was made in the final panel of an already excellent inaugural issue. In it, we see the foreboding image of the clones receiving the infamous Order 66. From that moment on we were treated to a wonderful roller coaster of a story into Caleb...err Kanan’s early years.

#2 - Lobot’s Sacrifice

Lando & LobotThe Lando series is my personal favorite of all of the Star Wars comics. It is surprising, creepy, exciting, and most of all a heartfelt series. Perhaps the moment that made it special for many readers was the revelation that Lobot (Lando’s friend and partner) sacrificed a great deal for Lando. This sacrifice resulted in Lando undergoing a huge change in his own life. This revelation is a stroke of genius and actually deepens the already excellent film, The Empire Strikes Back.   

#1 - Fett tells Vader about Luke

Darth Vader #6The Vader comic did a great job at bridging the gap between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. While there were many wonderful scenes in the Vader run, the most memorable moment is when Fett reveals to Vader that the name of the pilot that destroyed the Death Star is none other than Skywalker. Vader’s response to the news in nothing short of iconic and propels the story forward at a wondrous pace. This moment, like the Lando one, adds to the films in delightful ways and provides a piece to the wonderful puzzle of the Star Wars saga.


What about you? What were some of your favorite moments of the comics so far?