Top 5 Things We Want To See In Rogue One


We are less than a year away from the next Star Wars film. Let that sink in for a minute… It is exciting isn’t it? As fans we have never been in a position quite like this… A FILM EVERY YEAR! So as the months tick away and we get closer to going back to A Galaxy, Far, Far Away, here are the top 5 things we want to see in Rogue One.

Before we get to the list it goes without saying that we want a great story. Without a great story the following top 5 is worthless.


  1. Fighter to Fighter Combat… in space

We have gotten this in many of the films, but never anything like A New Hope, where the film focused exclusively on the dogfight. Most of the other films are cutting between varying storylines, A New Hope gave us about 15 glorious minutes of fighter to fighter combat. It would be wonderful to have a scene exclusively fixated on starship combat. Wouldn’t it? In the early 80s NPR Radio Drama of A New Hope there is a reference of a space battle taking place when the plans are stolen. Could we see something of the same? We hope so.


  1. A Rebels connection

I am not necessarily looking for a big presence from the animated TV show Rebels in Rogue One, but to have some connection with it would be fun and provide some connective tissue between the different Star Wars properties. Wouldn’t be fun if there was a reference to Kanan in Rogue One? Or Hera? I think so, and I think it can be done without hurting the story.


  1. Great New Characters

One of the things that The Force Awakens did so well is create characters that were memorable, fun, and stood on their own without the need of the Legacy Characters. It would be great to see a similar thing happen in Rogue One. Who will it be for this film? Felicity Jones’ character? The film has been under wraps for most of it’s development that we are not quite sure who the characters are (even their names). So time will tell, but we hope that we will have wonderful new characters to add to the Star Wars Universe.


  1. The Death Star

It would be great to see this behemoth. It is what the film is all about in a sense. Imagine how much fun it would be to watch characters react in shock when they see it. The Death Star is iconic and to see it again from a new perspective would be wonderful.  


  1. Darth Vader!

With some of the rumors floating around it looks like we are getting Vader at his best (or worst depending on your point of view). I think many fans want to see a scary Vader, an unstoppable force (pun intended), that you can only run from and not hope to survive if you face him. One of the big questions is how much screen time do you give Vader? It might be best if you limit his time on screen to maximize the impact of seeing him. Rumors are circulating that several Vader suits have been designed to enable extensive action scenes. If so, we could see Vader do things on film that we have never seen. This is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan.

What do you want to see? Comment below and share your thoughts.