A Truly Live Action Star Wars Experience


After spending a week in Las Vegas - the Mos Eisley of the Nevada desert, I came away with two important truths: (1) There actually is a more wretched hive of scum of villainy than Tatooine's infamous cantina, and (2) Star Wars fans have been overlooking the obvious when it comes to a truly live action version of our favorite galaxy far, far away. With more rumors swirling on the internet than random droid parts in a Jawa sandcrawler, the prospect of an ABC network production of a live action Star Wars-based television show is more tasty than the daily special at Dexter Jettster's diner. The hunch, or hope, as the case may be, is the Disney-owned network would capitalize on the Star Wars property to not only catapult ratings and advertising dollars, but also bring the Star Wars universe to fans' homes on a regular basis. And, while a development along these lines is appealing, Yoda had it right when he said, "...there is another..."

While in Vegas, I had the opportunity to see the Cirque de Soleil production, Ka. If you're unfamiliar with Ka, here's the snapshot: loved ones get separated, they both go through an incredible journey, there are plenty of battles, and (spoiler alert!) they are reunited. Here's a helpful video that gives you more insight. (As with most experiences, even the many outstanding videos are not quality substitutes for the live performance).

The absolute star of the production is the stage. Yes, the stage - as well as the set and the immersive experience of the actors actually performing moments in and amongst the audience. The stage raises, lowers, and can spin a continual 360-degrees. It also contains technology that essentially turns the stage into a giant iPad of sorts, changing the image to suite the scene or even respond to the actors' movements. (For a more complete list of this stage's awesomeness, check out this article, or this video). All of this comes to a crescendo with the epic ending battle, pitting good against evil on an incredible vertical 100-degrees!

And, it was at that moment I realized my desire to have this same immersive and stimulating experience with the sights and sounds of the Star Wars galaxy. I began to imagine what it would be like to see Jedi and Sith do battle in a live acrobatic duel. A set that transported the audience to the various and familiar worlds we have only experienced through passive media would be replaced by a rich and unforgettable atmosphere. The Ka experience has whet my appetite for a genuine live action Star Wars, and forced me to place this truly live live action Star Wars experience at the top of my birthday wish list!

What are your thoughts? Would you enjoy an immersive live action Star Wars experience?