Vader in Rogue One: Not Who You Think He Is!


Producers of the much-anticipated Rogue One film are relying on what fans have previously understood Vader’s position within the Empire to be, and have carefully and subtly crafted a narrative that brings a new intriguing look into the Dark Lord’s motivations. While many fans have poured over the various Rogue One trailers in order to speculate on the film’s likely details, nearly all have missed the nuance of one scene in particular. Hidden in plain sight is the telltale sign that Darth Vader’s actual agenda has little - or perhaps nothing - to do with his feigned allegiance to the Empire’s plan of galactic dominance. In at least one of the official trailers released by Disney, we see and hear Riz Ahmed’s character utter the phrase, “Rogue...Rogue One,” referring to his ship’s call sign. While seemingly innocent enough, it’s clear this scene was purposefully designed to lure fans into believing the film’s title corresponded with the Rebellion’s heroes and heroines. Much like fans bought into Episode VII trailer footage showing Maz’s handing-off of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, this Rogue One “call sign” scene is an intentional ruse, a red herring, a mere diversionary tactic. Indeed, even Criss Angel would be proud.

WIth the release of the International (Korean) trailer, we’re given a window into the film’s true depiction of Vader’s intentions. At 1:51, we see Darth Vader perform what we’re meant to think is his patented “Force Choke.” However, upon comparison of previous Force Choke footage there is a minor, yet important distinction - how Vader positions his hand.

In earlier - and more familiar - films, we witness Vader typically extend his arm toward his subject. This methodology of deploying punishment dates back to his pre-black armor and respirator days, as we witness a freshly anointed Darth Vader choke his beloved Padme (though, admittedly, in the case of Admiral Ozzel, he makes no distinctive movements when using his go-to method of punishment).

Regardless of the latter, it’s abundantly clear from the new Rogue One footage, the image of Vader as Imperial muscle and passionately committed only to Palpatine’s quest for power are forever vanquished. The new footage unquestionably identifies Vader not as a Sith Lord, but rather as a member of the notorious street gang, the Crips. The still image seen here is an overwhelmingly obvious piece of evidence highlighting Vader’s backdoor alliance with the infamous gang. Accordingly, the only real question now, is how the Crips infiltrated the Empire in the first place - perhaps by installing their longtime undercover operative Darth Vader, the actual rogue one..?

Want to learn what other hidden signs may be in Rogue One? Print out this handy gang sign interpretation chart to bring to the theater!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be in theaters beginning December 16, 2016. Word.