Warhead : Rebels Season 3 Episode 13 Review


Warhead : Rebels Season 3 Episode 13 Review

After the Empire deploys many recon droids, one lands on Atollon. With the rest of the Ghost crew off-world, Zeb, Chopper and AP-5 must deal with the droid before it does too much damage. If they survive, they must keep the Empire from learning the location of their base.

What Worked

The B Team

It was good to see Zeb get some attention for a change. He has taken a backseat this season, and therefore he is the captain of the B team. His teammates are chopper and AP-5. When these three characters share the screen, it is usually for comedy. This episode is no exception. Zeb and Chopper trade insults, while AP-5 constantly comments with his sardonic wit. Although the stakes are high, this episode is mostly light-hearted.


It is good to see Kallus as Fulcrum. The audience gets to see how he uses his position to buy time for the Rebels while he feeds them information. At the end, when he realizes the Rebels used his information ingeniously and made good use of the delay in the Imperial search, a sly smile faintly crosses his lips.


Thrawn was only a small part of the show. He was onscreen for only 57 seconds, but his presence actually gave substance to the episode. He is always visually imposing. When asked why he is in a good mood after a failure, he narrows the scope of a 3-D projection of star systems. The new image changes from green to red, casting a sinister glow on Thrawn’s face as he says he now has fewer systems in which to search for the Rebels.


Thrawn’s image was not the only creative use of light by the animators. During Zeb’s fight with the droid, they fight over Zeb’s weapon, which emits a purple glow. The lighting highlights the tension in Zeb’s face as he wrestles with the droid. It adds an artistic touch to the fight.

Another memorable part of the animation is the use of Imperial Star Destroyers. They are shot from different angles demonstrating the vastness of each ship. They are especially imposing when viewed from below. The last shot of the Destroyers leaves a big impression, especially after what the Rebels do to one of them.

What Didn’t Work

Zeb’s Treatment of the Imperial Droid

Zeb does not seem to be cautious enough with the new droid when he discovers it. Hera mentions he is her chief of security, so you would think he would scrutinize everything. He actually states the droid isn’t one of “ours” and wonders how it got near the base. He then promptly takes it back to the base and lets AP-5 restart it.

This nonchalance happens again when the droid begins to countdown a self destruct mechanism. Zeb states it probably will take out the entire base. That being said, he doesn’t seem to have the proper sense of urgency.

Zeb’s Fight with the Droid

A big part of the second act is the B team fighting/dealing with the droid. The section seems too drawn out and is not entertaining. This part seems to be just filler, as this episode also seems to be just filling space in the season.


If not for Thrawn narrowing his search, this episode would have added nothing to the overall season.

2.5 Death Stars out of 5.