Where Do I Begin?


Where Do I Begin?

I have had this thought many times in my life. Most recently right now: at this very moment, I don’t know how to begin this article. Then it hit me, that’s the question! There are seven movies in the canon of Star Wars. The challenge is that they were not made in chronological order. Where should someone begin? Should they start with Episode IV, the original? Or should they start at Episode I and follow the story in order? I set out to find out what others think, and then maybe I would form my own conclusion.

The Opinions

Our fearless leader, Mr. Jeremy Scott, believes a newbie should start with Episode IV, then go to V, I, II, III, VI, VII. He believes IV and V are too important to wait for. Jeremy also strongly believes that the reveal in Episode V is too key to the story. He has some valid points.

Devin Kleffer believes the series is best enjoyed chronologically. “You wouldn’t tell someone to start Huck-Finn at chapter 14, would you?” He makes a strong case. He also said you could use Episode VII to introduce someone to the franchise and then start at the beginning.

A buddy of mine believes that someone should watch the series in the order it came out in. Most people already know the spoiler from Episode V based on pop culture. However, he does point out that starting in Episodes I-III, you get to experience the spoiler of who the Sith Lord is.

Finally, my brother says that a first time viewer should go in the order that the movies came out. He argues that the jump backwards in technology from Episode III to Episode IV is brutal.

The Final Word

All of that being said, I believe as long as you are starting to watch the franchise, you are on the right path. Personally, I think I will show my boys Episode VI first. I am open to being swayed one way or another. Leave a comment about what order you think is the best.