A Drop of Wisdom from Yoda

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by: Ashley Wilson    

The past two months, I kind of stepped away from Star Wars...no one really knew that until now.  This is unusual for me because December is the"anniversary"of when I fell in love with Star Wars, but life happened and I did not have that desire to get excited about this fandom.  I did manage to film a video for a future article.  I just have to edit it.  I also bought a Star Wars book that I plan to review.  I can definitely say that it is my favorite Star Wars book, ever…just saying.

With all that said, you might be wondering, what happened?  Did I lose that spark?  Yes and no.  

I met with Devin and Jeremy over my winter break and Jeremy asked me, "What is Star Wars to you?  What is your thing?" Honestly, I don't know.  I became a fan only 3 and 1/2 years ago.  I fell in love with the idea of Star Wars, the characters, the psychological aspects, the story line, and the galaxy far, far away.  However, I don't have that "thing" that I just love or go crazy over.  I know there is something or there will be something, but right now, I am still trying to figure that out.  

I also think that if I had become a fan earlier in life, there would be a more specific reason of why I am captivated with Star Wars.  Most of the fictional fandoms that I love, is because I connect with a character or see myself in different characters.  I don't have that with Star Wars.  Yes, I love Han Solo.  Yes, I agree with Devin on different characters.  Yes, I connect with Cienna Ree from Lost Stars, but I do not have that strong, onscreen female character to connect with.  They could have done more with Val, but that is a topic for another time.  

I've also found myself doubting my knowledge of Star Wars.  I admit, I don't know as much as everyone else, but I do have my strong points on different aspects.  I sometimes fear what the followers or the fandom would think if I did not understand something, but then, I came across a little drop of wisdom from Yoda.

"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." - Yoda.

I don't have anything to lose.  I do fear that I will let people down or say something wrong and get @’ed on Twitter.  (How do you write that? At-ed?)  At the end of the day, this fandom is supposed to be fun, not something to be stressed about.  My goodness, this is Unmistakably Star Wars...we are all about positivity in the Star Wars fandom.  With that said, after time away, I am back.  I am excited to talk about all things Star Wars, write these articles that have been floating around in my head, and of course, finish editing that video for a future article!

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